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Spring break fashion gets vibrant

March 4, 2011 Comments off

By Stephanie Sexton, Staff Writer

Colorful string bikinis are among the top fashions for 2011's spring break. Photo by Ashton Jones

Spring break is a time for students to just get away from school, classes, homework and the midterms.

This year, spring break comes early in the calendar year for Young Harris College students; however, that does not mean that students will not be venturing to the beach for their vacation.

Even at the beach though, people have to be fashionable. So what are the fashions for spring break 2011?

For the ladies, the bikini is still popular, string bikini to be exact. The string bikinis that sit right on the hips and halters around the neck seem most popular; although, a strapless top is popular as well. Polka dots, bright colors and embroidery are in style, with some stripes still looking good also.

When you are not lounging on the beach or sitting poolside, ladies shorts and skirts are most in season. Jean shorts and skirts with floral, a bright solid or some pattern are most fashionable. Capri’s are coming back as well, but mostly only jean Capri’s. For your feet, flip-flops of course, but do not forget about the wedged heels as well.

Gentlemen, out on the beach or by the pool, board shorts are fashionable this season. Shorts that have floral patterns, plaid or solids are hot this spring.

Once you leave the beach, your board shorts are appropriate bottoms to wear around. As far as shirts go, solid polo shirts are best and definitely flip-flops on your feet.

Of course not everyone will be going to the beach this spring break. Some people will be traveling up North or into colder climates. For those people, pants, long sleeves, closed toed shoes and jackets are suitable.

No matter where you will be this spring break, being fashionable is always important to impress.

YHC students find spring break unseasonably early

March 2, 2011 Comments off

By Sara Bottinelli, Staff Writer

For most college students, spring break is a chance for students to drive to hot, sandy beaches, sit poolside at hotels, and the chance to live it up with friends or family. However, with a spring break being seasonably early, this type of spring break seems a little farfetched, leaving Young Harris College students to wonder how to enjoy their spring break.

With spring break less than a week away, many students are unhappy with the timing of spring break this year with 71 percent of YHC students saying that it is too early and 29 percent disagreeing.

On Friday, March 4, the YHC residence halls will close at 6 p.m., requiring students to pack-up and leave the mountains until the halls reopen on March13. YHC’s spring break begins during the first week of March, a time that not many colleges or school systems in Georgia coincide with.

Kelly Boyd, a freshman education major from Lawrenceville expressed her frustration with the timing of spring break and what students will be missing out on.

“Spring break is definitely too early, because it is supposed to be a time where you can relax in warm weather. Instead, you can’t even wear a bathing suit outside,” Boyd said.

According to Dr. Keith Defoor, associate vice president for Academic Affairs, the coordinator of the college catalog and academic calendar, the reason spring break is so early is that it is the half-way point in the semester.

“The college operates on a traditional 15-week semester commonly used in higher education. The primary factor that has driven the selection of spring break dates is the midpoint of the semester,” said Ron Roach, dean of Academic Affairs.

YHC only shares spring break dates with a few other schools including North Georgia College and Gainesville State College. Most of the larger universities start their break after YHC including the University of Georgia whose begins on the 14th of March, and Georgia Tech whose starts on the 21st of March.

Jordan Meeks, a freshman outdoor education major from Lawrenceville, shared her disappointment of having so few schools sharing the same spring break.

“I have a lot of friends who go to schools like UGA, and I wish that we would have the same break. It really is too early this year,” said Meeks.


Spring break- a much needed recovery

March 1, 2011 Comments off

Staff Opinion

With all of the hustle and bustle on campus, students can lose sight of what is not going on in their social lives. During the week of spring break, there is absolute freedom to just be free and have a great time with friends. As students trek out of the mountains and foothills of Young Harris, the beach is the infamous chill spot for college students. Bathing suits, swim trunks, sunglasses, flip flops, beach umbrellas, music and sun block are the most valuable accessories that are absolutely necessary for a good time. Guys and gals alike pile into their cars and make an exodus to the nearest tropical area that is tourist friendly and great for parties.  For some, this time away from school can be spent with the girls, the guys or even the significant other. Either way you put it, it is imperative that recovery of our private lives take place.

One of the most important parts of preparing for spring break for the ladies is finding the perfect swimsuit. This can take hours shopping online and in stores. The mall becomes the most frequented place. For a brief time, merchants have sales that seem unbelievably life-changing. The plastic cards and cash come out fast and seem to stay out.

The beach is hot, the sun is shining, and people are playing volleyball. Taking it easy is the only engagement on your schedule. You may be tanning, winking at the cute guy/girl walking by or trying to find out what party is happening that night. Whatever it may be, you plan to have the time of your life. The idea of going back to school seems like a nightmare that won’t go away.

Unlike some things that can be dealt away with, there are a few that cannot be dealt away with. Bathing suit malfunctions, sunburn, and STD’s.  While it may seem inappropriate to mention sexually transmitted diseases, it is very important that everyone who may be engaging in such activities do so safely and responsibly. That goes for consuming alcoholic beverages that may cause intoxication. For anyone planning to consume alcohol, doing so responsibly is the only way to ensure that everyone makes it back to school safe and sound. Please air on the side of caution when going on spring break. We all want to arrive safely, and we would be devastated if something unfortunate happen to someone over the break.

Have a safe and memorable spring break everyone!


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Spring break, then and now

March 1, 2011 Comments off

By Ali Neese, Staff Writer

Across the Young Harris College campus, new life is beginning to stir. The sun is shining and students are beginning to shed their winter layers and head outdoors. The new warmth in the air is hinting at the end of cold temperatures and everyone is looking forward to the summer months to come. Before we can skip to summer, however, there is one much-anticipated activity that must take place: spring break 2011.

When most people think of spring break, they think of the beach, parties and hanging out with friends. It is a week-long celebration that allows students a chance to unwind in the middle of a stressful semester. What many do not know, however, is that the history of spring break can be traced back to the ancient Greeks and Romans. According to, “The young men and women of these cultures welcomed the return of spring.”

The website also reveals that these ancient people enjoyed a good party, too, saying that they celebrated with days of drinking and dancing, probably not unlike today’s spring break parties.

Our modern-day idea of Spring Break, however, began in 1936 when the swim coach at Colgate University in Hamilton, New York brought his swim team to Fort Lauderdale to practice. The trip was successful and became a tradition for the school and for college swimmers in general. Gradually the popularity of travelling to Fort Lauderdale in late winter grew among college students with approximately 20,000 visiting in 1954.

For years Fort Lauderdale was the “official” spring break headquarters, but in the 1980s it lost its title to Daytona Beach. Daytona was the main Spring Break destination in the early 1990s, but students were also beginning to explore others areas as their spring getaway, such as Panama City, which hosted over a half-million spring breakers in 1997 alone.

Along with different Florida cities gaining popularity for this mid-semester vacation, many people began traveling abroad, exploring areas such as Cancun, Mexico, the Bahamas and Jamaica. In more recent years, ski trips and mission trips have also become popular things to do on break.

Just like today, YHC students from years past felt the stress of school and looked forward to this much needed break as well. The assistant editor of the Enotah Echoes in 1984 wrote about the necessity of spring break in her column. She says that her fellow students were feeling run down, emotions were high and everyone was in need of a break from academic life—something that today’s YHC students can definitely relate to.

She continued by saying that many students would spend their break at the beach with friends, while others would go home to hang out with their family members.

A similar article written in April of 1992 tells what that year’s YHC students did for their spring break. As can be expected, several mentioned the beach and quality time with family, while others say that they worked. One student even travelled to Norway over her spring break.

Clint Hobbs, vice president for Enrollment Management and YHC class of ‘88, says that spring break was a blast when he was a student. It took place in April instead of March and oftentimes fraternities and sororities coordinated their trips so that they went to the same location. Just like today, popular places for students were Panama City and Myrtle Beach.

Whether you decide to head to the beach, go on a mission trip, or just relax at home, it is safe to say that everyone at YHC is ready for this much-needed break.