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The Thing: A good thing?

November 1, 2010 Comments off

By Dillon Sutherland, Staff Writer

With Halloween drawing closer, you may be in the mood for a frightening movie. If a thrill is what you seek, John Carpenter’s The Thing will have you horrified.

The Thing revolves around a group of military scientists stationed in Antarctica. The plot takes a bone-chilling turn when they accidentally uncover a shape-shifting alien that has been buried for centuries underneath the snow. The scientists do not realize that an alien is in their midst because of the creature’s deceptive appearance. Slowly, the scientists realize that after the alien consumes and infects its prey, it replicates its appearance to that of its prey; and, after the shape-shifting alien preys upon several of the scientists, there is no way for the survivors to knows who is human and who is infected. With no communication, no way out and no way to know who’s who, they attempt to survive among each other.

The biggest name, and most likely the only face you’ll notice in the movie, is Kurt Russell, who plays R.J. MacReady, the helicopter pilot of the station and protagonist of the film. So, if you’re looking for a movie with astonishing acting talent, you won’t find it here, which is common among horror films.

The movie does not focus on the emotions of the characters. Rather, the location and editing of the film do a good job of setting the tone. The film is shot over vast expanses of ice fields to keep the viewer thinking about the isolation and peril facing the main characters.

Along with being a good mix of horror and science fiction, the movie plays on the viewer’s psychological fears. With no means of escape, the outpost members fall apart. Through the breakdown of the military base, you get a sense of the internal and mental fears experienced by the characters.

Though petrifying at points, any horror movie fan will appreciate the film’s use of aliens, monstrous creatures and plenty of gruesome deaths and dismemberment. The film incorporates the horror elements of the parasitic aliens, as well as an internal sense of fear.

Unfortunately, another scary part aspect is the almost laughable special effects. It’s ‘scary’ by how ridiculous they look. While they are brilliant in concept with their techniques and make-up effects, they suffer from poor execution, which takes away from the film’s fear factor considerably. It’s hard to take scenes seriously when ridiculous visuals pop up and almost ruin the whole mood.

Upon its release, the film performed poorly at the box office. However, over the decades it has received a cult following and has even been revered as one of the great horror films. You may not have heard about The Thing, since it’s not a terribly important film, but even with it’s flaws, it will surely satisfy your darker side. At least for spirit of Halloween, you should watch this movie. I give it a B.

Halloween is in season

October 26, 2010 Comments off

Photo by Skye Butler

By Kathleen Layton, Editor-in-Chief

Most students can remember a time in elementary or middle school when Halloween was a big deal.

Worksheets, lesson plans and classroom parties revolved around spooky stories and deathly sweet treats. Yet, as soon as the holiday reaches its peak popularity in middle school, it is abruptly rejected by ‘too cool for school’ highschoolers. Halloween and other lesser holidays continue to be a calendar footnotes, until you get to college.

Suddenly, the holiday that you once considered childish and immature is revamped and adapted to a whole new set of rules.

Halloween, which was once naively associated with Casper the Friendly Ghost and Charlie Brown now takes on another set of rules.

The cute, childhood innocence of the holiday rapidly morphs into an adult version, with terrifying horror films and provocative Halloween costumes.

Like  so many other things, as we  grow into adults, our perspectives change. Instead of thinking about jack-o-lanterns and scare crows, we focus on the scary and sexy stereotypes associated with the holiday.

Hayrides are replaced with haunted houses, serious costumes are  replaced by a sexier versions of the once-serious costumes and childhood tales are replaced with bone-chilling horror films.

The innocence that was once so satisfying is forgotten about and exchanged for a scary or sexy dichotomy. While not a bad thing, this change of tradition serves as another marker in our lives.

As we graduate and move on to more professional roles our perspective of Halloween will once again change. Costume parties become corporate parties and  scary movies are exchanged with family-friendly flicks.

The innocence of the holiday is only rekindled after many years, when our children or  our much younger relatives experience trick-or-treating, dressing up in a costume or other festive Halloween traditions for the first time. I can imagine that seeing this site, will remind us all of our own first memories of Halloween.

Then, suddenly, we will be back where we started.

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Help us find Ivan and win tickets!

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Old Band Uniforms For Sale

September 28, 2010 1 comment

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