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Which came first? Love or sex?

October 12, 2010 Comments off

Karen Rodriguez, Staff Writer

These days we live in a sex-crazed society. From television to magazines to the internet, sex is every where, even in the newspaper. Hence, our views about sexual encounters and partners have changed. We view sexuality a little bit more lightheartedly, and sometimes don’t even take it seriously. To some people, it’s just one more thing to do or as some people would say, “one more person to do.”

What we don’t realize is that we’ve got it all upside down and turned around. In this society, the line between casual sex and intimacy has blurred. Does love lead to sex or does sex lead to love? In our sex-crazed society, it’s becoming more difficult to tell anymore.

One way that this is happening is through “friends with benefits.” As a woman, I really don’t understand the whole “friends with benefits” relationship. What’s the benefit? You get laid? I thought the whole point of having sex was to make love, to be with someone who loves you back and to be with someone who will hold you in the morning when you wake up. Not someone who will say, “thank you very much. Same time tomorrow, right?”

Maybe, it is possible to have a “friend with benefits.” But, isn’t there too much at risk? First, there is the health risk. I mean, who is to say that your “friend” doesn’t have more “friends” like you.

Second, what about your heart? Sex is a very intimate act. It is meant to bring people closer and make a relationship stronger.

Third, how do you know what the other person is looking for? Not all guys are looking for one-night stands; and, of course, not all girls are looking for serious relationships.

With these types of relationships there are numerous risks; and, unfortunately, they haven’t developed a clear, solid  method to answer to this question. I know people who have had a one-night stand and actually ended up marrying that person. I also know others who waited until their wedding night to have sex, and it’s worked out well for them too.

I think that most women hope to find their prince charming one day, and men, of course, hope to find their princess. To those of you who have already found your partner, you are very lucky. And to those of you who are still on the hunt, I wish you luck. It’s kind of tricky, when love and sex lead to different paths.

Karen Rodriguez will be writing a regularly featured sex and health column in the Enotah Echoes. For ideas about future articles or to recommend topics email us at

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Whore v. Score

September 28, 2010 Comments off

Graphic by Kelly Lyness

By Karen Rodriguez, Staff Writer

The way children are raised from the time they are born depends on their gender. From the toys they choose, to the clothes they wear, society has created a frame to what is right and what is wrong depending on gender.

Likewise, as girls flourish into young women, they are taught that their worth is only as good as their purity. While men, are taught that their value consists of how fast they can lose theirs.

Young girls are told their whole lives something a long the lines of ‘you need to be a virgin to get married.’ Yet little boys aren’t.

Society is teaching women their worth comes from their virginity. If a woman chooses to lose her virginity before wedding vows it doesn’t make her lose any of her value. This biased system is the gross reality we live in currently,” says Amy Dalton a senior communication major from Augusta.

Even though the times have changed, the views on women’s purity have not. It is considered “ok” for a man to peruse around with as many women as he pleases and he is viewed as a “true man.” He is congratulated and applauded for the same actions a woman is condemned.

“My parents didn’t raise me to be what some people define as a ‘man whore.’ I was taught to respect women,” says David Nieto, a sophomore communication major. “However, I know that growing up, my guy friends would comment on how many women they’d been with, and no one ever said that they were wrong.I know that if I was to do the same thing, I wouldn’t be criticized the same as a woman would be. I think people would view it as ‘how it’s supposed to be.’”

Why is this so? Why does a woman’s value decrease if her virginity is lost and a man’s value increased the sooner they lose theirs?

Why does the same act make women ‘whores’ and men the ‘scorers?’

Karen Rodriguez will be writing a regularly featured sex and health column in the Enotah Echoes. For ideas about future articles or to recommend topics email us at

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Let’s talk about sex

September 17, 2010 1 comment

By Karen Rodriguez, Staff Writer

The word “sex” is considered taboo on most college campuses. However, sex is a common activity for most college students. The fact of the matter is that college is no longer high school, and students are not just students. They are adults who are free to make their own decisions. Whether they choose to engage or not engage in this act, in the end, it is really up to what they believe.

“I believe that most people don’t take into consideration what sex is really supposed to be about,” said Noemi Contreras, senior business and public policy major from Union City.

“Sex is supposed to be something sacred and beautiful,” said Contreras. “I assume it happens on campus. I do feel that sex is such a beautiful action of love and commitment and should be regarded with care and respect. We should view it as a treasure of great value.”

The reasons for sexual encounters vary from one person to the other. Some students believe that sex is not a topic that should be disapproved of.

Another Young Harris College student, who did not wish to have their name in the article, states, “It’s not a sensitive topic for me. I think it’s a natural thing and I do believe that it goes on here on campus, c’mon we are all adults. You would have to be very naïve to think that it doesn’t.”

Whatever the reason for sexual activity, one thing is for sure, it happens. People my not want to address it, parents might not want to admit it and others might turn a blind eye. However, college will always be college, and sex will always be sex.

Karen Rodriguez will be writing regularly featured sex and health column in the Enotah Echoes. For ideas about future articles or to recommend topics email us at

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