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YHC students find spring break unseasonably early

March 2, 2011

By Sara Bottinelli, Staff Writer

For most college students, spring break is a chance for students to drive to hot, sandy beaches, sit poolside at hotels, and the chance to live it up with friends or family. However, with a spring break being seasonably early, this type of spring break seems a little farfetched, leaving Young Harris College students to wonder how to enjoy their spring break.

With spring break less than a week away, many students are unhappy with the timing of spring break this year with 71 percent of YHC students saying that it is too early and 29 percent disagreeing.

On Friday, March 4, the YHC residence halls will close at 6 p.m., requiring students to pack-up and leave the mountains until the halls reopen on March13. YHC’s spring break begins during the first week of March, a time that not many colleges or school systems in Georgia coincide with.

Kelly Boyd, a freshman education major from Lawrenceville expressed her frustration with the timing of spring break and what students will be missing out on.

“Spring break is definitely too early, because it is supposed to be a time where you can relax in warm weather. Instead, you can’t even wear a bathing suit outside,” Boyd said.

According to Dr. Keith Defoor, associate vice president for Academic Affairs, the coordinator of the college catalog and academic calendar, the reason spring break is so early is that it is the half-way point in the semester.

“The college operates on a traditional 15-week semester commonly used in higher education. The primary factor that has driven the selection of spring break dates is the midpoint of the semester,” said Ron Roach, dean of Academic Affairs.

YHC only shares spring break dates with a few other schools including North Georgia College and Gainesville State College. Most of the larger universities start their break after YHC including the University of Georgia whose begins on the 14th of March, and Georgia Tech whose starts on the 21st of March.

Jordan Meeks, a freshman outdoor education major from Lawrenceville, shared her disappointment of having so few schools sharing the same spring break.

“I have a lot of friends who go to schools like UGA, and I wish that we would have the same break. It really is too early this year,” said Meeks.


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