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Spring break fashion gets vibrant

March 4, 2011

By Stephanie Sexton, Staff Writer

Colorful string bikinis are among the top fashions for 2011's spring break. Photo by Ashton Jones

Spring break is a time for students to just get away from school, classes, homework and the midterms.

This year, spring break comes early in the calendar year for Young Harris College students; however, that does not mean that students will not be venturing to the beach for their vacation.

Even at the beach though, people have to be fashionable. So what are the fashions for spring break 2011?

For the ladies, the bikini is still popular, string bikini to be exact. The string bikinis that sit right on the hips and halters around the neck seem most popular; although, a strapless top is popular as well. Polka dots, bright colors and embroidery are in style, with some stripes still looking good also.

When you are not lounging on the beach or sitting poolside, ladies shorts and skirts are most in season. Jean shorts and skirts with floral, a bright solid or some pattern are most fashionable. Capri’s are coming back as well, but mostly only jean Capri’s. For your feet, flip-flops of course, but do not forget about the wedged heels as well.

Gentlemen, out on the beach or by the pool, board shorts are fashionable this season. Shorts that have floral patterns, plaid or solids are hot this spring.

Once you leave the beach, your board shorts are appropriate bottoms to wear around. As far as shirts go, solid polo shirts are best and definitely flip-flops on your feet.

Of course not everyone will be going to the beach this spring break. Some people will be traveling up North or into colder climates. For those people, pants, long sleeves, closed toed shoes and jackets are suitable.

No matter where you will be this spring break, being fashionable is always important to impress.

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