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The votes are in for SGA

April 14, 2011 Comments off

By Carmen Brown, Staff Writer

The election for the 2011-2012 members of the Student Government Association, SGA took place on Tues., April 12.

Representatives and friends created posters and signs, covered bulletin boards and wrote uplifting messages on the sidewalk with chalk to campaign for the SGA candidates.

“Election time is always my favorite time of the year. It’s exciting to see so many people energized about student government,” said current president Matthew Kammerer, a senior business and public policy major from Loganville.

Voting tables with ballot boxes were set up in Goolsby Lecture Hall and Maxwell Center for Mathematics and Science from 9 a.m. to 11 a.m. and in Grace Rollins Dining Hall from 12 a.m. to 2 p.m.

The standard running positions for SGA government includes: treasurer, secretary, vice president and president, which makes up the executive board. Those interested in becoming members  of the SGA executive board must have at least one semester of being on SGA to join the executive board and one year of experience to become president.

After the polls were closed and the votes were in it was time to reveal the new members of SGA.

The results show that the Sophomore Senate includes Ashley Cross, Luke Fincher, Abby Powell, Andrew Servis and Brittany Starrett.

The Junior Senate includes Allie Coker, Christine Durniat, Nathan Hughes and Stephen Ramsay.

However, in order to be an official member of the Senate, elected members must be sworn in and formally accept the position.

Senior Senate will be voted on by the SGA Senate within the next week; the candidates include Victoria Neisler and Zach Lathan. Ali Neese was written in the ballots, but turned down the Senate slot.

The Freshman Senate will be decided during the 2011-2012 academic year, when incoming freshman arrive on campus.

The Executive Board of SGA includes: Bekah Herum as Treasurer, Stacy Kammer as Sergeant of Arms, Karissa Cross as Secretary, Audrey Ashworth as Vice President and Emalyn Cork as SGA President.

“I’m excited to have Emalyn follow me as President of the Senate and feel confident that she will lead the Senate well,” said Kammerer.

According to new SGA President Cork, a sophomore Biology major from Marietta, Kammerer has been a wonderful president for the past few years. Not just for SGA but the entire student body.

“It is both intimidating and an honor to be following in his footsteps, but I am really excited about the upcoming year,” said Cork. “I am just so excited to be president. Without the support and encouragement from other people the presidential role would not have necessarily been the role I would have picked for myself. I did not think I was worthy, but I think I made the right decision of where I need to be in the Senate this year. I just hope I can do them justice because they work so hard.”

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Science students locate asteroids

April 13, 2011 Comments off

By Carmen Brown, Staff Writer

In the astronomy 1106 class, Arunava Roy is conducting a project in which Young Harris College students look for Near Earth Objects or NEOs via pictures that have been sent to them through a branch of NASA working in Illinois to locate asteroids, also referred to as NEOs. This is a project that was just started this semester, though Roy plans to extend the project to the upcoming Fall 2011 semester.

Students will receive images taken from a telescope. Then by using special software, the students will begin to analyze the images for NEOs, which are most commonly asteroids. Students must manually search through the images to determine if any objects appear to have movement. Students will receive the images within 48 hours of the photos being taken.

Roy’s students work on this project once or twice a week with about half an hour to analyze any image sets. If students do begin to find movement in their images, it is possible that they have located an asteroid.

“It’s cool ‘cause we get credit for doing this in the science community,” Bennett Yarbrow a sophomore from Atlanta said.

So far, Roy’s students have found four to five asteroids, which Roy said was challenging due to the faintness of the objects. The size of these asteroids varies from being the size of a Volkswagen Beetle   or the size of a bridge.

“They really seem to enjoy it, and this is a continuing project so more people will have the opportunity to experience this in the fall class,” Roy said.


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Mayor speaks to SGA

March 30, 2011 Comments off

By Carmen Brown, Staff Writer

In this week’s Student Government Association meeting, SGA members met with Andrea Gibby, mayor of the city of Young Harris.

Both Gibby and SGA took this opportunity to voice opinions for campus and community improvements. The remainder of the meeting consisted of the Senior Dinner with Young Harris College President Cathy Cox.

Gibby spoke about the changes the city of Young Harris government is trying to make and how students can get involved.

According to Gibby, the community of Young Harris is working on multiple improvements to better the campus, with one issue being the water system; however, the process and the paper work alone is a three year process.

Another issue brought up at the SGA meeting was ways to improve the safety of students, especially at the crosswalks and traffic lights.

YHC is also wanting to improve some of the roads on campus and get with City Hall this coming summer to deal with the issue.

Gibby went on to say that she encourages students to attend the public meetings in order to add their own comments on issues on campus. The next public meetings will be held in May and in August.

In other news, all seniors have been invited to attend a dinner with Cox on April 1.Seniors will receive invitations under their doors in white envelopes, and if anyone does not receive an invitation contact the President’s Office .

Tell-Me-Tuesdays uses feedback

March 25, 2011 Comments off

By Carmen Brown, Staff Writer

On Tuesdays many students may have noticed students riding through campus on one of the golf carts with a Student Government Association, SGA representative. However, it still seems that many students do not understand exactly why Tell-Me-Tuesdays are available.

On Tell-Me-Tuesday, or TMT a, SGA member rides on the police cart with a police officer to pick up students and take them to and from class, the dining hall or a residence hall, while asking them one specific question that the committee had picked that week.

Around 30 students get picked up within a two hour window and the SGA members switch every 30 minutes. The rides are available on the fourth Tuesday of every month from 12:00 p.m to 2:00p.m.

The idea for Tell-Me-Tuesday came into play when SGA members attended the National Association for Campus Activities, NACA last fall and the Student Development Committee took things from there.

A great deal of feed-back and improvement was made because of this program, such as the formation of the Intramural Committee on campus. The committee was formed so that students can have more intramural activities on campus.

According to complaints from students to SGA members, students have a problem with the food in the cafeteria. Because of this there was a food committee formed which meets biweekly with Sodexo to improve on issues with the cafeteria food.

TMT will continue through this semester and next year as well. The upcoming dates for the rest of this Spring semester is April 26.

For those who are unable to voice their opinion on TMT’s or for those who wishing to submit suggestions  can e-mail SGA at, or attend the meetings at 5:30 p/m/on Wednesdays in the Rollins Dining Hall.


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SGA talks SGA election, Last Lecture

March 17, 2011 2 comments

By Carmen Brown, Staff Writer

The Student Government Association, SGA discussed Letters of Intent, electronic voting for SGA, Last Lecture and the hammocks in the weekly Wednesday meeting held in Rollins Dining Hall.

Letters of Intent are documents that officially show a student’s interest in running for an executive position or committee head position. The letters will be available from March 23 through March 30 in the Student Government Office. The deadline for turning in letters is March 30 at 4 p.m.  The campaigning will start on March 31.

SGA has decided to provide an electronic form of voting this year to make the voting process easier. During the voting time all students will be sent an e-mail with a link to a website, where they can vote for a representative. The representative students vote for must be someone in their class. This new process of voting will present real time results that will not need to be tallied and re-tallied. As each person votes the SGA representative in charge will monitor the votes. This new electronic process will prevent anyone from voting twice, because each e-mail would only be able to be sent once.

Also, Last Lecture, which started last semester is an opportunity for professors to give lectures to students that they would give if they knew it would be there last. The next lecture entitled, “Books for Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner” will be on Tuesday March 22in Wilson Lecture Hall from 7 to 8 p.m. by Louisa Franklin.

According to SGA, the association began research last semester on hammocks for students to rent out from the recreation center. They will soon be available in the recreation center.

SGA discusses yearbooks, Last Lecture

March 3, 2011 Comments off

By Carmen Brown, Staff Writer

In this week’s meeting the Student Government Association the SGA discussed the following activities and events: yearbook, last lecture, recycling and teacher/faculty of the year.

For this year’s yearbook students may have the option to have either a regular hardback copy  or a digital copy of the yearbook. The digital copy will be available online and it is   to be announced if a disc will given with that as well. Other details of the online version are unknown as of now. The hardback copy is the general format of what students would usually expect in a yearbook.

According to the SGA, it would help if students would give their feedback and give their opinion   on which version they would prefer.

Also Last Lecture, which is when a teacher or faculty member gives a lecture as if it were their last will return after spring break. Louisa Franklin, director of the Academic Success Center Director will be giving the next lecture. ,

In further news, every year a ballot box is placed the cafeteria for students  to vote for the best teacher. This year there will be one for best teacher and best faculty member.  The ballot box will go up in the dining hall at some point after spring break. The winner of the election will receive a plaque to commemorate their contribution to YHC.

Last semester SGA began a temporary recycling pick up by paying organizations to pick up the recycled trash until the school could find a more permanent means of taking care of recycling. This is still going on. if Any student organizations interested in taking on this task should contact SGA for further information and instructions.

SGA meets every week in the Rollins dining hall at 5:30 p.m. on Wednesdays. It is a public meeting and everyone is welcomed to join.


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SGA discusses hammocks, AP credit

February 23, 2011 Comments off

By Carmen Brown, Staff Writer

At today’s weekly meeting the Student Government Association discussed the hammocks, the advanced placement credit proposal and Tell-Me-Tuesday.

In the fall semester of 2010, SGA purchased hammocks for the students to rent from the recreation center. The hammocks were ordered and should arrive to campus today. But, before SGA makes them available for student use, the hammocks need to be embroidered to differentiate SGA’s hammocks from other student-owned hammocks.

The student development committee within SGA is working on ways to take student suggestions from Tell-Me-Tuesday and put them into action. Some suggestions included more rock climbing wall hours, more weekend activities and more ATM’s around campus. Tell-Me-Tuesday was started last semester as a way for SGA to reach out to students to get campus feedback. On the select Tuesdays an SGA member will offer students a ride on one of the golf carts. During this ride they would ask what changes the students would like see at YHC. The SGA representatives review the answers to see how they could make these suggestions reality.

Last week SGA made plans to discuss the details regarding an advance placement credit proposal. Advanced placement credit can be gained from scoring well in an advanced placement-level course. AP courses are taken during high school and are geared towards college-level thinking and writing from high school students. At the end of an AP course, a standardized test for the class’s subject matter is given. Students can score anywhere from a one to a five, with five being the highest. After researching AP credit policies at other colleges, SGA found that four out of five schools accepted scores of three or higher. YHC accepts scores of four or higher. SGA is  continuing to review its research on AP credit in order to decide the details of the proposal.

SGA holds a weekly public meeting on Wednesday’s at 5:30 p.m. in the dining hall.

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Library temporarily closed, reopened

February 11, 2011 2 comments

Around 2 p.m. today, students and library staff began to notice a burning smell in the Duckworth Library. As a precaution, the library staff put up sign saying the library was closed due to an electrical problem and evacuated Young Harris College students inside the library. According to Dawn Lamade, dean of library services, “one of the lights went out in the library, causing the wire to become singed.” As a result of the burned wire, a burning, gas-like smell began to circulate through the library. “I smelled gas when I was upstairs [in the library,] and it was really scary. Next thing I know we were being evacuated,” said Christelle Vereb, a junior education major from Hayesville. Lamade said, “the library was only closed for around 40 minutes. During this time, we had maintenance check out and replace the light.” Currently, the Duckworth Library is working to ventilate the building by opening their front doors. Despite the day’s excitement, the library is open for student and faculty use. ” Photo by Carmen Brown 


Corn Creek Review ready to grow

February 7, 2011 Comments off

By Carmen Brown, Staff Writer

On Monday January 24, in Goolsby 208, the Corn Creek Review held its first meeting of the year.

Corn Creek Review is Young Harris College’s one and only literary magazine. It is an annual publication that features poetry, short stories, artwork and other submissions by students of YHC.

The magazine is a completely student-led production. The content, cover and design are designed by YHC students.

The production of this literary magazine dates all the way to 1963. Initially, it was named The Word, but because it is student run. The staff of 1970, were able to change rename the magazine to better represent the magazine.

“In 1970, the students decided to rename it the Corn Creek Review, because they looked at Corn Creek, which is a creek that runs through River Falls, as a place of beauty and relaxation,” said Amanda Lawrence, associate professor of English and Corn Creek Review Sponsor.

The Corn Creek Review is student run from start to finish, and everyone is invited to join as well as submit their work.

“The Corn Creek Review is an expressive outlet that allows students to show their creative talents in ways that inspire and challenge other students on campus. This is my first semester on the staff, and I am thrilled and blessed to be part of this,” said Amanda Noonan, a junior English major from Smyrna.

When the literary magazine is completed and printed in April, there will be one or more judges that will pick the winning submissions. These submissions could result in an award or a cash prize for the author or authors.

For students that want more information about how to submit works or would like to join the staff, students can attend the next meeting which will be held Monday, January 31 in Goolsby room 208.

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SGA appoints treasurer, plans scavenger hunt

January 26, 2011 Comments off

By Carmen Brown, Staff Writer

Today at 5:30 p.m. in the cafeteria SGA held its weekly meeting. They discussed a new treasurer, the scavenger hunt, new members and the Last Lecture Series.

In the meeting former SGA treasurer Megan Shook had to resign her seat as Treasurer due to work load and scheduling conflicts. The other SGA members applauded her for her efforts during her time with them. Bekah Herum, a freshman from Blairsville, has been appointed as the new SGA treasurer, and if Herum decides to continue holding office, she will be sworn in next week as SGA Treasurer.

SGA’s Academic Affairs subcommittee will be holding a campus wide scavenger hunt on Thursday January 27, in the Plaza. The scavenger hunt will be held as part of YHC’s 125th anniversary activities. Young Harris students who wants to participate should come to the Plaza at 4:15 on Thursday. There will be $20 gas gift cards given to the top five first place winners. Students can sign up in groups of five to compete.

If any juniors would like to become an SGA member there is a seat open. Students interested in filling this vacancy should attend a meeting and speak with SGA President Matthew Kammerer about being an official member of SGA.

There is another Last Lecture which is when a selected speaker gives a speech on whatever they would want to say if it where to be the last lecture they ever gave. It will be on Thursday January 27, at 7 the Wilson Lecture Hall. The lecture will feature Reverend “Rev” Fred Whitley, who served the campus minister until 2008.

SGA weekly meetings are held in the dining hall on Wednesdays at 5:30, and they are open to the public.