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SGA swears in freshman, treasurer

September 28, 2011 Comments off

By Shannon Weaver, Staff Writer

The Student Government Association committee discussed many changes at this week’s meeting. Members touched on updates with SGA members and the composter project, the SPAT fountain and meetings between Sodexo and students.

Newly elected freshman senators were sworn in by SGA President Emalyn Cork.  Also, it was announced that Bekah Herum resigned as SGA treasurer. Senior Senator Victoria Neisler was sworn in as treasurer with the new senators.

SGA Senator Ashley Cross said SGA has taken the composter project off the table, because of the bear sightings around campus. Senators did not feel it was a good time to move the composter to the Village. SGA may review the idea at a later date.

Cross also said  David Leopard, the new senior Vice President of Finance and Administration, has a proposal for the SPAT fountain that would involve putting a new fountain in the center and filling the surrounding area with flowers.

In further news, SGA is hoping to continue the meetings between Sodexo and students that started last year, where students could give feedback about the dining hall in addition to the comment cards offered at the front. Cork said she hoped there would be a way for students to “constructively offer ideas instead of complaining.”

SGA talks safety, summer school, SPAT fountain

September 26, 2011 1 comment

By Shannon Weaver, Staff Writer

At this week’s Student Government Association meeting, SGA members discussed the Village compost project, possible changes in summer school, plans for student feedback, and progress with the SPAT fountain.

Junior Senator Stephen Ramsay announced Village students are interested in a composter, but are primarily concerned about its location. Because the Village is right next to the woods, students and staff have pointed out that a composter could draw in more bears to the campus. SGA is looking for a solution that is safest for Young Harris College.

Student government is also investigating possible changes to the summer school program. Emalyn Cork, SGA President, noted students do not have much of a say in which courses are offered in the summer.

Cork also expressed a desire to add more student feedback options in addition to Tell Me Tuesdays, namely the forum discussed last week.

“I would like to expand the opportunity for student opinion in a different way,” she said.

Last week, it was proposed that SGA host a forum in the student center, providing snacks and beverages, to hear students’ thoughts on what student government can do for them. In the past, the forum “was like a presentation, and then afterward they gave their suggestions,” said junior Senator Allie Coker.

SGA discussed the future of the fountain traditionally maintained by SPAT, which currently sits in front of Appleby Complex and has been out of commission for several years. Options included proposals to the school, replacement and removal. Before making a decision, SGA hopes to receive feedback from former SPATs.

“I wouldn’t want to suggest something so radical that it upsets alumni,” said Cork.

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SGA swears in Senate, prepares for elections on Sept. 20

September 15, 2011 Comments off

By Shannon Weaver, Staff Writer

Those appointed last week for the upperclassmen Senate were sworn in by Student Government Association President Emalyn Cork at this week’s SGA meeting. Throughout the meeting, the SGA members discussed the availability of a position on SGA and the Village Composter project.

Campaigns for freshman senate are currently underway.  There are five freshman Senate seats and seven freshman candidates. Elections will be held Tuesday, Sept. 20, from 9 – 10 a.m. in the Maxwell and Goolsby buildings, and from 11-12:15p.m. in the Grace Rollins Dining Hall.

Brittany Starrett, sophomore senator and chair of sustainability, is stepping down from SGA. Anyone who wishes to fill her Senate seat is encouraged to attend the next SGA meeting.

In other news, Allen Clark, manager of Sodexo, has offered to help SGA’s Village composter project.

“[Clark] straight up told me, ‘You can have our composter,’” said Sophomore Senator Ashley Cross.  SGA plans to receive feedback from Village residents before moving the composter.

The SGA meets weekly in the Robinson Dining Room at 5:30 p.m. All students, faculty and staff are welcome to attend.

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SGA holds first meeting

August 29, 2011 Comments off

By Shannon Weaver, Staff Writer

The Student Government Association (SGA), held its first meeting of the year on Aug. 17. During the meeting, SGA discussed several upcoming events including two Georgia Senators participating in a town hall meeting and the return of the Last Lecture series. The agenda also included a proposal on behalf of the outdoor leadership majors and plans for freshman SGA elections.

SGA President Emalyn Cork announced that two United States senators, Johnny Isakson (R-Ga) and Saxby Chambliss (R-Ga), are coming to YHC on August 30. They will be appearing for one hour at the Recreation Center to answer questions.  All YHC faculty, staff and students are welcome to attend the event, which begins at 2 p.m.

In other event-related news, the first of the “Last Lecture” series of the year will be hosted by the recently retired Chair of Music at YHC, Benny Ferguson. The date and time of the lecture are still undetermined. “Last Lectures” are given by a YHC faculty member to the campus community as an opportunity to give the speaker a chance to speak about what he or she would say if it were the last time speaking to a student audience.

Also during the meeting, Zach Lathan, a member of the senior senate, proposed the SGA sponsor the mandatory conference fee for the senior outdoor leadership majors. Senior outdoor leadership majors are given this conference fee, which is not included in tuition costs, to help pay for travel accommodations and equipment for their excursions. Lathan’s proposal was turned down, but there is discussion among SGA members about starting a scholarship fund for similar conferences.

On September 20, the SGA will be having elections for the Freshman Senate. Other open positions include slots on the sophomore, junior and senior senates. Please see SGA officers about where and when to sign up.