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SGA swears in freshman, treasurer

September 28, 2011

By Shannon Weaver, Staff Writer

The Student Government Association committee discussed many changes at this week’s meeting. Members touched on updates with SGA members and the composter project, the SPAT fountain and meetings between Sodexo and students.

Newly elected freshman senators were sworn in by SGA President Emalyn Cork.  Also, it was announced that Bekah Herum resigned as SGA treasurer. Senior Senator Victoria Neisler was sworn in as treasurer with the new senators.

SGA Senator Ashley Cross said SGA has taken the composter project off the table, because of the bear sightings around campus. Senators did not feel it was a good time to move the composter to the Village. SGA may review the idea at a later date.

Cross also said  David Leopard, the new senior Vice President of Finance and Administration, has a proposal for the SPAT fountain that would involve putting a new fountain in the center and filling the surrounding area with flowers.

In further news, SGA is hoping to continue the meetings between Sodexo and students that started last year, where students could give feedback about the dining hall in addition to the comment cards offered at the front. Cork said she hoped there would be a way for students to “constructively offer ideas instead of complaining.”

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