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Rock climbing gives new face to adventure

March 2, 2011 Comments off

By Callie Stevens, Staff Writer

Callie Stevens concentrates while scaling a rock surface. Photo by Daniel Willis

Climbing on a rock face that has never been climbed before is a thrilling experience. Some of my friends and I recently found a new rock face close to school and climbed it for the first time.

Holding on with my finger tips, my arms burning tired, sweat rolling down my face, I look around for where I should go next, since there are not holds marked by previous climbers. I take a deep breath in preparing myself to stretch one hand as far as I can, while my other hand is barely holding myself to the wall. My fingers touch the hold I am aiming for, and I put a little pressure on the hold as I shift my weight from one hand to the other.

Before I can move my feet, the rock that I moved my hand to breaks off the wall and crashes to the ground. I reach for another hold, but there is no use. I fall a few feet before the rope catches me.

I take a second to catch my breath and calm my head. Then I grab back onto the wall and start to climb again.I was the second person to climb one of the routes on the rock face. The wall was dirty with moss, leaves and brush hanging on hand holds that we would have to move out of the way in order to climb.

Climbing routes for the first time is always an adventure. You have to figure out where hand and feet holds are on your own. You are like a pioneer adventuring into unknown territory. During the adventure, sometimes you stumble and fall. However, once you finish and have the pride that you were the first. It makes the struggle worth every second.

So be your own pioneer. Go find your own rock face and see what adventure it has to provide.