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YHC to get lesson in ethics

February 25, 2011 Comments off

Ethics Awareness Week is a unique event for Young Harris College. During this week, there are film presentations and lectures to foster campus discussion. Photo by Leila Shearon

By Emily Hadden, Staff Writer

Young Harris College will be presenting Ethics Awareness Week, February 21-25.  This week-long event is sponsored by Ethics across the Curriculum. Students, faculty, and the community are invited to attend the conference which will consist of lectures, film showings and special displays on campus.

Jamie Watson, associate professor of philosophy and Ethics across the Curriculum coordinator, hopes that the conference will bring about a conversation among faculty and students that will be robust and ongoing.  He also anticipates that the week’s topics will be controversial and interesting enough to get the campus involved.

“I’m very excited,” said Watson. “I think it’s going to be an interesting week, and hopefully it will generate discussions that will last many years to come.”

Ethics Awareness Week is a unique event for YHC.  Unlike the college’s usual ethics workshops, this five-day event will reach out, not only to faculty, but students and the community as well.

Ki Curtis, adjunct instructor of physical education, said, “It is wonderful to offer opportunities where we share information and possibility reevaluate our choices that so often are unconsciously made. To make wiser choices as to what we think with our minds, what we put in our bodies, how we treat ourselves, each other and the planet is a sacred evolution forward for us all.”

The conference will hold lectures every day of the week during noon and in the evening along with film showings Tuesday through Friday in the Wilson Lecture Hall. Each will be followed by a short discussion.

Duckworth Library will also have special book displays throughout the week. The official schedule of events can be found on the YHC webpage. The lectures will be given by two guest speakers as well as five YHC faculty members and Director of Health and Wellness Services, Linda Kniess.

During her presentation, Kniess said “I hope to heighten awareness of various ethical issues that surround food production, healthy food consumption and personal, industrial and governmental responsibility for maintaining health and wellness.”

Ethics across the Curriculum is a national program that seeks to bring about awareness on ethical issues to YHC.  The program aims to help non-philosophy and ethics faculty raise these issues in the classroom as well as on campus. Some of these issues, for example, deal with ethics in genetics, business and English.  One of the goals of Ethics across the Curriculum is to provide greater awareness for how people act by using rational discussion for reasons for actions.

YHC has participated in Ethics across the Curriculum since 2008.  Typically YHC hosts annual workshops for faculty to attend. These include an in-house workshop in the fall and a guest speaker in the spring. Watson expects Ethics across the Curriculum to continue to grow at YHC