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Remember V for Vendetta

April 5, 2011 Comments off

By Dillon Sutherland, Staff Writer

A copy of V for Vendetta can be found in YHC's Duckworth library.

V for Vendetta is a film released in 2006 based on the original graphic novel written by Alan Moore. The storyline of the film follows the suave, sophisticated vigilante known only as V, played by Hugo Weaving. The movie surrounds V as he carries out his plan of destroying the fascist government of a dystopian Britain in order to bring about a free society. Along the way, he adopts a protégé, Evey, played by Natalie Portman, whom he helps morph into a powerful and confident figure.

This film is fantastic to watch. It is directed by James McTeigue, known for directing the Matrix trilogy. The film adaptation is written by the Wachkowski brothers, who are responsible for writing the trilogy as well. The group teamed up again, and the result is a riveting ride that keeps you interested the whole way through.

V for Vendetta never ceased to excite me throughout. As the film progressed, I was eager to see how V would topple the government he despised, how or even if Evey would transform, and if the leader of the government would be dealt rightful punishment.

My favorite part of the whole film is the character V himself.  While you never actually see Weaving’s face, he is completely alive behind the famous grinning mask he dons.  His chivalrous mannerisms, taste for the arts and highly impressive vocabulary make him appear as more than a vigilante longing to eradicate the institution of government. Another great talent in the film is Natalie Portman.  She recently won the Academy Award for Best Actress for her role in Black Swan, and it is evident her greatness has not only been recent.  She truly shines through as a conflicted young woman caught in the moment of the chaotic state of the country.  Her confused and doubtful emotions both fill her face and are shown in her behavior. Portman went as far as to shave her head in the film, while maintaining a tearful performance as her locks are removed.

Anyone who is looking for a magnificent film to watch should look no further. Those who are especially interested in those about revolutions and uprisings, this is a no brainer.  Also, those who are fans of the graphic novel should certainly watch. V for Vendetta has great performances, an intriguing story and, most importantly, is not a bore to watch.  The film is a success in all aspects. I give it an A.