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SGA talks technology and TellmeTuesday

November 8, 2010 Comments off

By Carmen Brown, Staff Writer

SGA held their weekly meeting in the dining hall. On the agenda for this meeting was a presentation from the Vice President of Campus Technology or I-Tech and the final dates of the semester for TellMeTuesday.

Ken Faneuff, the vice president for campus technology, spoke to SGA. Faneuff spoke about campus concerns with technology.

One concern was the inconsistency behind Moodle. Currently, not every professor is using Moodle. This is due to the lack of time for professors to get acquainted with this new program and to understand how to incorporate the program into the course.

Another concern was the size of student e-mail inboxes. In the next two weeks the size of the student inboxes will be increased from 25 megabytes to 100 megabytes. As a result, there will not be any noticeable changes, except that students will not have to delete their e-mails as frequently.

For extra security, Faneuff said that provisions have been made so that student passwords can be changed. Once in place, students must change their passwords every 90 days. Students may add to their current password or change it completely.

Campus technology, discussed their role in dealing with computer viruses. Many students are unaware of I-Tech’s ability to help students eradicating computer viruses. Instead of a student buying expensive software to fight off these viruses, students can bring their computers by the office when student computers are facing these problems.
If anyone has questions, concerns or just needs help from I-Tech they can dial x5212, e-mail them at or go by the I-Tech office.

TellMeTuesday is an opportunity for students to give feedback to SGA members on ways to improve campus. The remaining dates for TellMeTuesdays are Nov. 9 and 30.