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Welcome to the masquerade

April 14, 2011 Comments off

By Christelle Vereb, Staff Writer

Students gathered at Brasstown Valley Resort for the Masquerade-themed Spring Formal put on annually by the Student Government Association. Photo by Leila Shearon

On Fri., April 1, Young Harris College hosted the annual Spring Formal with the theme of Masquerade.

The majority of YHC students and their guests attended the dance, which was located at Brasstown Valley Resort. Students and their guests danced the night away starting from 8 p.m. and lasting until 12 a.m.

Faculty and staff were also in attendance. Among those present were YHC President Cathy Cox and husband Mark Dehler, resident advisor director Dan Moore and Rouseline Emmanuel, director of Campus Activities.

Walking into Brasstown, students were automatically plunged into a world of music, drinks and food.

YHC students get glammed up for Spring Formal, held at Brasstown Valley Resort. Photo by Leila Shearon

Freshman visual arts major Anita Hung of Marietta said, “I am glad to have seen people come and really enjoy themselves.

“Being on the SGA freshman senate, and therefore a participant in planning spring formal, I am pleased to have seen how all the details came together–the food, the DJ, and the decorations. My friends and I had fun, and my hope is that others did as well.”

Students wore an array of different dresses. There were short ones, long ones, puffy ones and fitted ones.  One thing for sure is YHC students know how to dress for a formal, and enjoyed seeing each other dressed up.

Erica Brooks, a freshman business and public policy major from Athens said, “It was a lot of fun to see everybody together and all dressed up.”

As the night went on the DJ played a variety of songs. Some songs played include Eric Clapton’s “Wonderful Tonight,” Jay Sean’s “Down” and Cascada’s “Every Time We Touch”.

As many students were enjoying the music, others did not think it was that great but still had fun. Freshman biology major David Atwood from Waynesville N.C., and sophomore biology major Heather Richbourg from Hayesville N.C. both agreed, “The music was so terrible. We had more fun than most dances just dancing like idiots.”

As the dance came to an end students were very glad to have attended. Junior musical theatre major Liz McEntyre of Eastman said, “It was memorable.”

Molly Blaschke, a freshman from Athens added, “The dance was a lot of fun! I was surprised how many people were there. I can’t wait for next year!”

Because the spring formal is an annual part of the YHC traditions, students cannot wait for another round of the dance  and fun in 2012.
This post copyedited on April 18, 2011.