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YHC reacts to snow

January 27, 2011 Comments off

By Emily Hadden, Staff Writer

Many YHC faculty, staff and students woke up to find their driveways covered in snow during the first weeks of classes. Photo by Ashton Jones

In the state of Georgia, snowfall is a very rare occurrence.  At first, most celebrate the joys of the fluffy, white mass covering the ground. However, after a day or so, the realization of being stranded comes into play.

At the beginning of the semester here at YHC, the snow, which turned into ice, became a huge problem for students and faculty members.

Laci Scott stated, “My shoes needed more traction than my tires” in regard to the slippery sidewalks.

Because of the weather, YHC had to delay the start of the semester which put the school behind schedule. Many students and faculty members were not able to travel due to the inclement weather. The roads were covered with snow and ice which made for a dangerous drive.

According to, the city of Young Harris received 2.1 in. of snowfall.

During the storm, the college used the YHC notification system.  The college was able to keep students and faculty updated on the weather and the delays to start school. YHC has an Emergency Cancellation and Closing policy for fires, power failures and severe weather. Disruption to the normal operations of the college may result in the closure of the school.

“Young Harris College places the highest priority on the safety and well being of its students, faculty and staff. Everyone is encouraged to exercise extreme caution when traveling under hazardous conditions,” said the YHC webpage.

Many students had already moved back in to their residence halls in front of the storm. Beginning on Monday, January 10, maintenance attempted to clear paths for the students. First priority was to clear a path to the cafeteria along with handicap ramps so that students would not be deprived of meals. Next, a path to the recreation center was cleared to give the students an option to rid themselves of cabin fever.

Kaitlin Naumik said with relief, “The rec center kept me from going crazy, because I was running out of things to do while stuck in my room.”

After taking care of these two concerns, maintenance started working around campus clearing as much snow and ice as they could.  They did this by shoveling and using de-icer which consists of salt, gravel, and sand. Some students even volunteered to help clear the campus of ice to make the paths safe for walking.

Although the weather caused many problems, the snowfall was not all that bad.  Students on campus enjoyed snowball fights, making snow angels and sledding on our mountainous campus.  Some went as far as building a fort, giant snow men (and snow women) and even a snow yeti named Archimedes.

SGA talks snow

January 12, 2011 4 comments

By Carmen Brown, Staff Writer

The Student Government Association had their first public, weekly meeting of the 2011 Spring semester. In this meeting they discussed things such as the ice on the sidewalks, an extension for Drop/Add Week, Last Lecture Series and Freshman Forgiveness.

Due to the weather conditions, classes began a day and a half late this semester; and with snow and ice lingering throughout campus, there was concern from students over slipping on the ice on their way to and from classes.

SGA President Matthew Kammerer spoke with the grounds staff about this potential hazard.

Throughout the day the grounds staff salted and used all of the manpower that they could spare to make the campus safer to walk through; and while some icy spots remain around campus, several walkways have been cleared, such as the walkway from the cafeteria to Goolsby Lecture Hall.

While the ice problem is still present, SGA will be working on ways to make it safer for students.

Also, the Academic Affairs subcommittee in SGA is working to get Drop/Add Week extended through next week. Drop/Add Week is a chance for students to make changes to their schedule by dropping or adding classes. Because of the weather delay, SGA was able to get Drop/Add Week extended until next Wednesday.

Among other SGA news, the Last Lecture Series will be coming back to YHC this semester. This series features a YHC staff member that gives a presentation on any topic if it was their last lecture. The next Last Lecture is scheduled for January 20. The speaker will be announced at a later date.

Freshman Forgiveness has been enacted as of this semester. Despite the name ‘Freshman Forgiveness’ this opportunity is open to any student who receives a D or an F in a class and wishes to retake the course.  Freshman Forgiveness can apply to any course you take, but pick these courses carefully, since you can only retake two classes for the entire time that you attend YHC.

SGA meets weekly in the dining hall on Wednesdays at 5:30 p.m. All students are welcome to attend.

YHC experiences winter weather

January 11, 2011 Comments off


A pristine blanket of snow covered YHC’s campus on Monday morning and provided the backdrop for the snow day. Photo by Kathleen Layton

By Kathleen Layton, Editor-in-Chief

Shortly after midnight, snow began falling across campus at Young Harris College. The late-night snowfall initially resulted in a 10 a.m. delay of campus activities on Monday for Young Harris College, but as conditions worsened across the South and in the city of Young Harris, the delay was exchanged for a cancellation of classes and activities at YHC on Monday.

After intermittent sleet and snow throughout the day on Monday and reports for ice, a cancellation of classes and activities for Tuesday was announced on Monday night.

Reports showed a range from four to nine inches of snowfall in north Georgia.

With classes and campus activities cancelled, YHC students did not let the freezing temperatures discourage them from enjoying the snow days.  With multiple layers of clothing in tow, students gathered in the courtyard in front of Hillgrove Residence Hall to make the most of the snow.

Lauren Robinson, a freshman biology major from Marietta said, “it was fun to play in the snow and not have to go straight back into classes. My friends and I had a snowball fight and took pictures in the snow.”

From snowball fights to making snow men and snow angels, YHC students found ways to capitalize on the experience.

Although YHC students were able to enjoy the snowfall, a significant portion of the student body has been unable to leave their homes to return to campus.

“My flight was at 7:45 a.m., but if I had taken a later flight time [back to YHC] then my flight would have been cancelled, and I would’ve been stuck,” said Lateefah Dooling, a freshman musical theatre major from Fort Lauderdale who travels between YHC and Fort Lauderdale by plane.

While Dooling was fortunate to arrive to campus when she did, many other students have not been as lucky. Johanna Gil-Arroyo, an English major from Athens is one YHC student who has been unable to come back to campus until the weather improves.

Gil-Arroyo said through a phone interview that she’s “not allowed to leave home until the roads are cleared.”

Many YHC students are facing this same dilemma, and until weather conditions improve YHC administration has urged students to remain where they are until it is safe to travel.