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YHC catches Recyclemania

February 23, 2011 Comments off

By Annie Hunter, Campus Life Editor

Young Harris College is showing some love for Mother Earth by competing in Recyclemania, an eight-week recycling competition between 630 of the nation’s colleges.  The pre-season trial which will not count towards final scores began two weeks before the formal competition’s official start on Feb. 6.

Recyclemania is a tournament that asks for little effort to receive a high reward.  The winners of the competition’s various categories will receive trophies but most importantly the satisfaction of making global improvements.

“The main focus is to raise awareness, instead of throwing a coke can in the garbage, walk another step and put it in the recycling,” said Rob Campbell, academic service learning,Bonner coordinator and member of the sustainability committee.

The campus will collect the recycled goods properly disposed of into their corresponding containers and transport them to the recycling plant.  At the plant, the recyclables will be weighed and the school will receive a receipt.  These receipts are sent to Recyclemania, who will keep their website, which is, up to date on each of the competing school’s progress.

YHC students and faculty can do their part by taking advantage of the recycling bins already provided by the Student Government Association.  SGA has been building up the campus’ recycling program all year and has teamed up with the Sustainability Committee to launch this year’s Recyclemania.

Campbell hopes that the small task of recycling will become habit, integrating recycling and sustainability into YHC’s everyday life.

It’s the small things, according to junior biology major and Blairsville resident Will Harris, which make all the difference.  While Harris does not expect every student, staff and faculty member to share his same passion for the environment, he does hope that they will take the lesson encouraged by the Recyclemania program to heart.

“One person can’t change the world by themselves but if each single person does something then that’s enough to change it,” said Harris. “We have to get people over the fear of ‘I can’t do it.’”

Students looking to join their efforts can do so by simply putting their recyclables in the recycling bins outside of every residence hall. The planet will thank you.