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Where to Park?

September 12, 2010 Comments off

Stephanie Sexton, Staff Writer

“I think that parking is going to be a problem and it is going to grow as our enrollment grows; it is something that needs to be addressed. I think other solutions need to be looked at,” said business and public policy senior Matthew Kammerer.

Students and professors who are unable to find on campus parking are left with the option of parking across the street at the annex. Photo by Cassidy Jordan

While Kammerer considers that enrollment at Young Harris College is at a record breaking high,  parking has not changed much since years past.

The new additions to parking for students this year, besides the usual spaces behind Enotah, Rollins, and Hillgrove, in front of Manget, and beside Winship, are the few spaces in front of Maxwell, spaces behind the old gym, and of course, the Annex across the street.

Right now, these parking spaces are enough. According to Susan Rogers,vice president of student development, there are458 parking decals registered to students. That number is to date, meaning it can change at any time. So, right now, we have enough parking.

The only problem now is the inconvenience of some of the parking spots.

“Everyone, obviously, would not just like a place to park, but also a convenient place to park,” said Rogers.

But what happens when our problem grows from just inconvenience, and more of the six hundred plus students start to bring their vehicles to campus?

As of right now, no plans are in place to relieve the parking pressure the students feel on campus.

“While there are long term plans for places, nothing is going to happen immediately,” said Rogers.

So for now, not only residents, but also commuters, faculty, staff and visitors will just have to duke it out to find parking around campus, or park in the Annex across the street and walk.

Once students find a place to park, they must make sure it is the right place to park. Depsite not all of the lots having proper signage in front of them and some of the lotsnot having any signage at all,  all vehicles were ticket-enforced starting on August 27.

Kammerer said, “Temporary signage needs to be put up so people know where to park.”

In fact, most the complaints made to the Student Government President have been about warnings being put on student’s vehicles, when they thought they were in a proper spot.

Rogers rebutted with, “We do not want to go around every semester to invest time and money yanking up old signs and putting up new signs, especially if we think the usage patterns are going to change over time because then you are just spending a lot of money on something that isn’t going to be permanent anyway.”

So until parking areas become permanent, everyone is going to have figure out where to park, and hope a ticket does not show up on their window.