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Hobbs reappointed to NPEC

November 23, 2010 1 comment

By Stephanie Sexton, Staff Writer

Vice-President for Enrollment Management Clint Hobbs was reappointed to the Georgia Nonpublic Postsecondary Education Commission. Photo by Ashton Jones

Along with ensuring that Young Harris College has a record student enrollment every fall, Clint Hobbs, vice president for enrollment management at YHC, is also a reappointed member of the Georgia Nonpublic Postsecondary Education Commission, or NPEC, as well as a former president of the Georgia Association of Collegian Registrars and Admissions Officers, or GACRO. Hobbs has served YHC for 21 years, where each student has been influenced by his office whether it has been directly or indirectly.

“Enrollment management is a function that oversees all of the aspects of enrollment at a college. Anything that will impact enrollment, that affects enrollment, is mostly under my purview,” Hobbs said.

That means that the recruitment of students, admission of students, processing a student through the front door, tracking retention of the student and providing financial aid to students has to do with Clint Hobbs. Hobbs is the reason all of the students are motivated to attend here, stay here or have financial aid at the YHC.

However, in addition to his extensive work with enrollment numbers, Hobbs is busy holding positions in NPEC and GACRO.

Hobbs got his start when former Georgia State Governor Zell Miller, who held office as governor from 1991-1999,  first appointed Hobbs into NEPC in 1997, where he served his first three-year term. He was then reappointed twice to the position by Governor Perdue and is now serving his third three-year term; although, Hobbs has switched from being a part of the 9th district to the 10th district, which makes him eligible to serve a third term in NPEC.

“NPEC was set up as a consumer protection agency for students that go to college with Governor Miller back when he was the governor in the mid-90s,” Hobbs said.

This means that any college or university that is not accredited must go through NPEC to receive their license to have their establishment in Georgia. NPEC also ensures that for-profit schools do not take advantage of its students. The process is long and strenuous, but it is NPEC’s duty to make sure the establishment is legitimate and does not steal money from unsuspecting students.

GACRO, which is where Hobbs recently concluded his one-year term as president this past October, is an association comprised of all the public and private colleges of Georgia.

“It is a professional development organization that seeks to provide professional development opportunities through workshops at our annual meeting for enrollment professionals in the state,” Hobbs said.

Basically, the association sets up the annual conference where all admissions officers from each college or university are invited to go and learn more about how to help their establishment run more efficiently.

Through his work with both of these organizations and with his position at YHC, Hobbs is working to improve higher education on and off campus.


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