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Faculty and staff meeting talk senior village and new property

January 18, 2011 2 comments

By Kathleen Layton, Editor-in-Chief

Tuesday in Wilson Lecture Hall Young Harris College President Cathy Cox called together all YHC faculty and staff for a semi-annual campus-wide meeting to discuss the state of the college.

After welcoming faculty and staff, Cox gave updates on a wide variety of topics, including the senior village, the acquisition of new property, plans for graduation and the possibility of national Greeks.

President Cox spoke about the plans for the new senior village, which construction began on late last fall. According to Cox, the construction for the village is split up into two phases. Cox explained that the first phase will include eight buildings. Cox added that these “eight buildings will be built closest to the retention pond and will resemble a two-story home. Each of these will have a front and back porch, a kitchen, a washing machine and a dryer.”

Cox also mentioned the possibility of giving these residents the opportunity to have a more flexible meal plan, which would allow students to cook their own meals instead of visiting the dining hall for each meal; however, neither the dining hall nor administration has reached a final decision on this.

Among other news, YHC recently purchased three and a half acres of land across the street, including the Young Harris Motel, the Bread of Life Restaurant and a two-story real-estate building. Cox explained that this “was a last minute purchase,” due to legalities.

In fact, the swiftness of the purchase worried the owners of the Bread of Life Restaurant.

“The Bread of Life Restaurant had heard several rumors that we [YHC]were going to shut them down; but the restaurant is allowed to operate as before and is a paying tenant to the college,” Cox said.

The college is thinking about using the old real-estate building as a site for the Bonner Leaders; but no final decision has been made yet concerning this property.

As for the Young Harris Motel, the college has considered turning the spaces into offices or using the 24 rooms to house students, although administration has not decided how to use the space yet.

In addition, Cox informed the faculty that the college is “still exploring national Greek organizations.” Administration will be making a recommendation to the board of trustees later this spring about the possibility of having national Greeks at YHC. If brought to campus, administration estimated that only four or five groups, total would be permitted to co-exist with current Greeks. YHC administration is still researching the possibility and has yet to make a final decision regarding national Greeks.

Young Harris College has finalized preliminary plans for graduation. The ceremony is scheduled to take place May 7 in the Fitness and Recreation Center. The venue change from the typical auditorium to the recreation center was made to allow students to invite additional family or friends to graduation. Zell Miller, a graduate of YHC in 1951 and former US Senator, has been invited to speak at this year’s graduation.

UPDATE1 (11:07 a.m.): Updated day of meeting.

UPDATE2 (8:08 p.m.): Updated day of meeting.