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We Own the Night is worth watching

January 26, 2011 Comments off

By Dillon Sutherland, Staff Writer

A copy of We Own the Night can be found in the Duckworth Library.

We Own the Night is a crime drama that came out in 2007.  The film revolves around a successful nightclub owner, Bobby Green played by Joaquin Phoenix, and his family.  Bobby Green’s family has traditionally been police officers including his veteran officer father played by Robert Duvall and his brother, played by Mark Wahlberg.

Bobby turns a blind eye to drug trafficking in his club and as the film progresses and the police begin to move in, Bobby is faced with an impossibly difficult decision.  He must either look out for his club and continue to aid the drug lords, or he must turn in informantion and help his family bring them down.

The plot of the film sounds like a rather generic one, but it is very interesting. The movie is entertaining and thrilling throughout, keeping the viewer attentive to see what choices will be made.  There are several tense, pulse-pounding scenes that definitely deliver.  Writer and director James Gray does an excellent job creating shots and scenes that convey the drama of a situation.

Also, it is not only the plot that helps power the movie, but the acting.  Joaquin Phoenix in particular does a magnificent playing the compelling role of a truly torn character.  As the movie progresses, you can get a true sense of how he feels.  Eva Mendes, who plays Phoenix’s girlfriend, also does a good job portraying a woman terrified of what may happen.  Wahlberg does what he can, but his role is not nearly up to par with the one he had in The Departed.

However, with the great roles and intense scenes, the movie may not necessarily stand out amongst similar movies.  We Own The Night is not a movie that is widely known.  Also, it is a rather generic type story.  Gray does incorporate his own style and flair, but in the end, it is a predictable drama where you already know the general outline.  All in all, We Own the Night is definitely worth watching, but do not expect to be blown away.  I give it a B.

Amadeus is cinematic success

October 12, 2010 Comments off

Dillon Sutherland, Staff Writer

To you, Amadeus might just be another movie that you may have had to watch in your middle school music appreciation class or something similar. However, this film is certainly more than you may realize. It is a tale of powerful human emotion and the immense sensational strength of music.

The movie surrounds Antonio Salieri, played by F. Murray Abraham, who is a composer with a fleeting audience. The film also focuses on the ever popular Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, portrayed by Tom Hulce. Over time, Salieri becomes obsessively jealous and envious of the young, arrogant and immature Mozart. He deems him unworthy of such a musical gift from God. Salieri becomes fueled by hatred and begins his descent into madness as he plots the downfall of the talented composer.

All aspects of the movie are spectacular. The story is so powerful and gripping. You can almost feel the emotions of the characters yourself. As you watch the film, you can feel Salieri’s anger.

The music is what really brings the movie to life however. The scores give each scene such a overwhelming sense of emotion. The movie is brought together by the works of the composers.

After its release, Amadeus was followed by much critical success. The film received eight Academy Awards- it’s not hard to see why either. Rarely, do you see such an excellent movie that can perfectly express the riveting nature of the narrative, and of course the characters as well. This film is truly compelling and such an enjoyment to watch. For anyone looking for a wonderful movie or those who have a love for music, I strongly recommend this. I give it an A.