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Midkiff serves high hopes for tennis season

October 10, 2010 Comments off

Mitchell Midkiff has been playing in tennis tournaments since 8th grade. Since then his passion for the sport has led him to the YHC Mountain Lion tennis team. Photo by Ashton Jones

Brand Driver, Staff Writer

Sophomore business major Mitchell Midkiff is a returning Young Harris College student from Macon. Midkiff plans to have an enjoyable year on the YHC tennis team this season. Midkiff will also serve as one of the team’s leaders, since he is one of two returners from the Mountain Lions 2009-2010 squad.

Mitch learned how to play tennis from his father  as a young infant at only three years old.

“I did not start competing in tournaments until I was in 8th grade, but from then I have been hooked on it,” Midkiff said.

Mitchell is often asked why he chose YHC and for this question he always gives an easy answer.

“I heard that Young Harris was starting the team back up, so I tried out and took a visit to the school,” Midkiff said. “After seeing the school and what it had to offer, I loved it.”

Last year was a good year for the tennis team. But, many of the players transferred to other schools, making this season totally different from last season.

Mitch had some encouraging words about the upcoming season.

“It’s going to be a tough year because we are playing a lot of division 2 schools,” Midkiff said. “But we will have fun and work hard while we learn more about the game.”

Midkiff also has a few positives in mind when it comes to having a smaller tennis team.

“It’s nice to have a small team with practices being easier, and one-on-one coaching is more available,” Midkiff said. “It is cool to teach the new freshman about how the season goes and what to expect from it coming from high school.”

Mitch quickly jumped to the fact that we have new tennis courts on campus.

“It is nice to have courts on campus now. They look great and it makes it easier for people to come and support,” Midkiff said.

Mitch and his teammates on the YHC tennis team are continuing with fall practices and are looking to have a successful season.