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“Campus Hauntings” turns heads at GCPA

March 3, 2011 Comments off

By Whitney Marcus, Staff Writer

Enotah Echoes staff member Hailey Silvey was won two awards for her article entitled, "Campus Hauntings" from the Georgia College Press Association or GCPA. Photo by Erin Grable

February 5, 2011 marked quite a surprising and exciting day for Young Harris College freshman Hailey Silvey, a communication major from the city of Young Harris. Her article, “Campus Hauntings” in the Halloween edition of the Enotah Echoes newspaper landed Silvey the awards of first place in “Best Entertainment Feature” and third place in “Best Feature.”  Silvey was the only staff member of the Enotah Echoes to receive awards from the GCPA.

According to Silvey, she didn’t expect her article to win anything. But at the GCPA convention on February 5, she was overwhelmed to find herself clenching two certificates with her name, the category of her award and the position she placed.

Surrounded by students of every college that had entered the contest, Silvey was nothing less than ecstatic at this banquet ceremony.

Silvey said, “I was surprised that I received the awards, only because I really didn’t think that the article itself was phenomenal enough to receive recognition out of every four-year college in the state.”

Silvey enjoys writing features and campus life articles for the Enotah Echoes newpspaer.

“They’re so cheerful and happy,” says Silvey, “they’re things that aren’t really important, but people find interesting.”

YHC’s Enotah Echoes competed in the four-year college division, where the staff submitted photos, articles and design concepts for the contest. The awards are given out by the Georgia College Press Association or GCPA to every two and four-year college in the state, excluding the University of Georgia. The GCPA is an organization dedicated to assisting in the betterment of Georgia collegiate journalism and providing a mutual flow of information between its member colleges. Other recipients in Silvey’s division were from Savanna College of Art and Design and Berry College.