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ATL anchor speaks at YHC

November 9, 2010 Comments off

By Stephanie Sexton, Staff Writer

Monica Kauffman-Pearson is a news anchor for Atlanta ABC affiliate WSB-TV 2. Kauffman-Pearson visited YHC on Friday as the final presenter for the Fall semester's Presidential Luncheon series. Photo by Ashton Jones

On Fri., Nov. 5, Monica Kaufman-Pearson joined several Young Harris College students for the fall semester’s final presentation of the Presidential Luncheon series.

Pearson was here to discuss her role as a reporter, give the students advice on how to succeed and answer any questions the students had for her.

Over 20 students were in attendance at the luncheon, most of which were business and public policy and communication majors.

To introduce Pearson, YHC President Cathy Cox gave students a brief overview of her background.

Pearson grew up in Louisville, Ky. She attended the University of Louisville, where she got a degree in English and philosophy.

Pearson landed her first journalism job as a reporter at the Louisville Times.

Pearson has been a news anchor at WSB-TV 2 for over 35 years, though she plans to retire in 2012.

Throughout her career, she has earned 28 local and regional Emmys, and is widely known internationally as a credible source of news.

In her spare time, Pearson reads to elementary school children, attends Lady of Lourdes Catholic Church in Atlanta and sings in the choir at Gospel Tabernacle Church in Atlanta.

Pearson is married with one daughter.

Pearson told YHC students about her profession and gave students advice.

One of the most important things Pearson talked about was morality and the importance of doing the right thing,

“No matter how bad the situation appears, stop and do what is right. You need to have a sense of morality,” said Pearson.

She then continued to discuss reporting, being a news anchor and how the field of media is changing today.

Pearson discussed the importance of natural curiosity. She talked about how reporters have to be able to ask complex questions when interviewing.

One very important aspect of reporting Pearson discussed was the ability to be unbiased. She talked about how the reporter needs to look at the facts of each side and learn to question both sides of every issue equally.

After speaking, Pearson turned her attention to student questions.

Senior business and public policy major CJ Cypress asked Pearson, “What has been one of the most interesting stories you have had to cover?”

To this, Pearson replied that there were several of her pieces that she felt were interesting, including the inauguration of President Obama and the former President Jimmy Carter’s awarding of the Nobel Peace Prize.

Senior musical theatre major, Hannah Guest also asked Pearson a question.

Guest asked, “What would you recommend for a college graduate to do to get in the business?”

Pearson replied, “Be involved with your campus newspaper, television and radio shows, read the newspaper daily, read several different newspapers, dissect the articles you read, work on your voice, but most importantly, apply for internships your junior and senior years.”

Pearson finished up the luncheon talking about the exciting world of reporting.

She told YHC students about how Channel 2 is even getting ready to revamp their own studio to get up to date with the new technologies of today’s media.

Because of all the new technologies available, the career opportunities are endless in the field of news and journalism.