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Arnold gives Last Lecture

October 8, 2010 Comments off

By Sara Botinelli, Staff Writer

Have you ever wondered what a professor would choose to teach if he or she had only one more chance to do so? Members of the Young Harris College community gathered together Tuesday night to find out. Hosted by the Student Government Association, Last Lecture is an event that gives staff, faculty and students an opportunity to teach a lecture on a topic they otherwise would not be able to give.

Dr. Paul T. Arnold, dean of the division of mathematics and science, was the first professor invited to share his “last lecture”.

Dr. Arnold opened his lecture entitled “Oath of Lasagna” with a series of slides depicting all the things he is passionate about. He described his love for music, fishing and fine arts. In the end, he admitted that the things he was most passionate about included food and sleep which took up most of his day.

However, this was not what he intended his lecture to be about. The word Lasagna may have been included in the title, but its reason for being there pointed towards anything but food.

Dr. Arnold explained that Lasagna referred to a physician by the name of Louis Cesare Lasagna, who revised the Hippocratic Oath. The oath outlines the values and standards physicians must uphold in their practice. He considers this important to everyone’s daily lives. He then began to outline every section of the oath and explained its significance.

Arnold also described his passion for science and what it has done for him.

“Science has allowed me to see in a much broader way. I always clearly saw my side of an argument, but I learned to see everyone else’s side too,” Arnold said.

Not only has science helped to broaden Arnold’s perspectives, he considers the subject to also be an art form.

“Science is a different version of art, and definitely has a place in a liberal arts college,” Arnold said.

Arnold continued to keep the audience’s attention throughout the lecture by cracking jokes and comparing the topic to everyday life. He emphasized the importance of staying passionate about what interests you.

“Use your passion to get involved with something greater than yourself,” Arnold said.

By the end of the lecture, the audience could relate themselves to the Hippocratic Oath and also knew more about Dr. Arnold than ever before.

SGA plans to continue this event 2-3 times a semester. They encouraged everyone to get involved and for students and faculty to submit names of someone they wish to hear give a last lecture.