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Are you barking or buzzing?

October 10, 2010 Comments off

By Brand Driver,Staff Writer

This year, college football in the state of Georgia has lacked success for the University of Georgia and Georgia Tech. These two teams should be quite a matchup for this year’s major rivalry between the two Georgia rivals.

While UGA has looked to the passing game for the majority of their offense this season, sophomore Aaron Murray has had a lot of responsibility on his back as a team leader.

Georgia Tech has an offence consisting of a strong running game ranked third in the nation in rushing yards. Freshman running back Mustafa Greene has rushed for four touchdowns on the season to keep head coach Paul Johnson’s rushing attack strong.

At the beginning of the season, UGA head coach Mark Richt thought highly of the Dawgs football team.

In an interview about his thoughts on the upcoming season Richt said, “I think a lot of the ingredients are there for a tremendous season.”

So far, it looks like Mark Richt has not been rewarded with the results that he had hoped for.

Both teams have not lived up to their potential yet in 2010, but the season is still far from over. The Georgia Tech offense should be picking up soon as senior quarterback Josh Nesbit has the ability to provide leadership and playmaking for his team.

The annual rivalry game between UGA and Georgia Tech is scheduled for November 27, and has all the makings of a competitive match-up.

Georgia Tech has a winning record of 3-2, with UGA falling behind the Jackets with a record of 1-4. While Tech will plan to run all over the Dawgs, UGA and junior wide receiver A.J. Green will look to attack the Jackets through the air.

This should be a game to watch for as both in-state teams look to continue the rivalry on November 27, as they battle it out between the hedges at Sanford Stadium in Athens.