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The Exposing Stitch exposes maternity fears

October 8, 2010 Comments off


Britney Carrol uses her artwork to capture pregnancy and the female reproductive cycle. Photo by Skye Butler


By Ember Zimmerman, Staff Writer

Britney Carroll’s exhibit, The Exposing Stitch, will be on display at Young Harris College’s Campus Gate Art Gallery until October 29. The opening night exhibition occurred last Thursday, September 30 and garnered a notable amount of attention from the student body.

The Exposing Stitch is aimed at pushing social boundaries regarding pregnancy and exposing unspoken fears on the subject.

“And my personal fears,” Carroll stated. “I learned that pretty much everyone has them, they just don’t talk about them.”

She hopes to help break down social barriers with dynamic interaction between her artwork and her audience.

The artwork mostly consisted of aprons, which are typically used to conceal and protect the wearer’s body. On these aprons, Carroll had sewn imagery relating to pregnancy and the female reproductive cycle, revealing what could be underneath and inside of such an instrument of concealment.

Each piece had a muslin base, giving every single one of the artworks meaning before the first stitch. Carroll mentioned that muslin, while a cheap fabric and good for beginners, was really chosen because after further research, she discovered that muslin is the cloth of choice with dress-makers. Dress-makers tend to use it in making dresses before cutting into the more expensive, finer cloths.

“So, I kind of think of these as my skin and—testing these things out,” Carroll said.

Further compounding her metaphor, she compares the artistic process and the monotonous work of embroidering her artwork onto the cloth to that of pregnancy.

Carroll’s exhibit brings the artist back to her roots. Carroll graduated from YHC with an Associate’s degree in 2004. She later graduated from Georgia College and State University in 2007 with her Bachelor’s degree. She also earned her Master’s of Fine Arts from Western Carolina University in 2009.