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Bible study with the Simpsons

September 12, 2010 Comments off

By Kyle Huneycutt, Staff Writer

Marley Kahoun, the treasurer of Wesley Bible Study at Young Harris College, provides interesting insight on their new study which will be focusing on the iconic television series, “The Simpsons.” She says, “People might not realize that there is a crisis of religion on each episode. The first episode we watched was about the seven deadly sins. The second one was about truth.” At the end of each episode, the group discusses the religious aspects and their relevance in the real world.

The Wesley Bible Study is affiliated with the Methodist church and follows the teachings of John Wesley, although you do not have to be Methodist to attend.  Last year, the group did a study on the New Testament book of James. This year, the Simpsons are their new subject matter.

When Adam Neal, an instructor of religion at Young Harris College, and Campus Minister Timothy Moore approached the president of the Wesley Bible Study with the Simpsons angle, Wesley President, Clay Thomason had his doubts.

Thomason says, “I was not completely sure how this would turn out since this is the Simpsons after all, but we figured we would give it a shot. So far it has been going great.”

Moore hopes that the Simpsons study can use each episode as the basis for “discussing larger theological issues related to our corporate and individual faith.”

Over the two weeks that the group has met, fifteen to twenty students have participated. Thomason encourages anyone who is interested to join them and see for themselves what this study has to offer.

On a closing note, Moore says, “the overall hope for our participation in Wesley, generally, and in the Simpsons study, particularly, is to grow in our understanding of God, our faith in Christ, and our capacity to live out that faith in practical ways every day.”

The Wesley Bible Study meets every Monday in the Appleby East Apartment at 6:30 p.m.

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