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YHC choir hosts “An Evening at the U.S.O.”

November 15, 2010 Comments off

By Dillon Sutherland, Staff Writer

Jordan Fleming, a junior musical theater major from Marietta, is a member of YHC's 83-voice choir that sang at First United Methodist Church of Union County for "An Evening at the U.S.O." Photo by Jacob Stone

This past Friday and Saturday night, Young Harris College’s choir performed “An Evening at the U.S.O.” at First United Methodist Church of Union County in Blairsville, where admission was priced at $10 a person. The tribute to the 1940s big band era was not only a performance by the 83-voice choir, but also a fundraiser for their European Choir Tour, a trip that the choir plans to take after spring graduation.

For those who don’t know what the U.S.O. is, it stands for United Service Organizations, which is a nonprofit organization.  It provides services performances to entertain those in and who have been in the service.  It originated during World War II and is still going strong today.

YHC’s “An Evening at the U.S. O.” appeared to be a fun and entertaining event for all, and it certainly seemed to be a good fundraiser for the choir. Jeffrey Bauman, the director of the choir, was pleased with the event.

“I think it was very successful fundraiser.  It was good for the community as well.  It was also fitting and convenient, [since] it was around Veteran’s Day.  I’m very pleased,” Bauman said.

The event consisted of many performances of classic songs that went with the theme of the show including, “Chattanooga Choo Choo,” “It Don’t Mean A Thing” and “As Time Goes By”.

Along with popular songs from the time, the choir also sang a salute to each of the United States Armed Forces.  However, the choir wasn’t the only one to perform.

The Brasstown Big Band, which accompanied the choir throughout the night, also performed their own set.  While songs were being performed, there were slides on the large TV screens with the song titles and vintage propaganda art to help take the audience back in time.

“I think it was an excellent show,” said Leonard Poole, a retired marine in attendance from the city of Young Harris. “It went well, and was well presented.  I have an invested interest too, since I have a daughter performing.  [I was a marine], so this is something I hold dear to my heart,” Poole said.

The performance drew in hundreds of patrons.  The spectators consisted of veterans of the service, members of the local community and YHC students.

Even with diversity amongst the crowd, all in attendance seemed to have a good time.  There were applause and plenty of laughter throughout the night. Those watching were in awe of the musical performances from the performers, and audience members laughed at the comical announcements by Dr. Bauman and Dr. Benny Ferguson, one of the band directors of the evening. Even with the comical relief, the focus of the night remained on the YHC choir.

“I think it was a lot of fun and everyone enjoyed it,” said Rebekah McDevitt, a freshman music major from Meansville. “It definitely raised a good bit of money for the choir,” McDevitt said.