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Diary of a freshman’s first week

September 11, 2011

Graphic by Kelly Lyness

By Katie Richarson, Staff Writer

As some of you might know, two weeks ago was my first year of college at Young Harris. During the first week I was really nervous about what could happen. For days I had nightmares about living in a dorm with a psychotic girl that would kill me in my sleep, or giant bugs that would come into my room and hurt me if I did not make friends quickly.

It was the craziest anticipation period I have ever experienced. However, now I have not only adventured through my crazy case of anxiety, but I have made it through my first week.

When it came time for me to move into my dorm room, I had no idea what to expect. In my mind I pictured some terrible girl with fiery breath and a rancid flatulence problem. I was so scared that I had my mom go in before me and survey the premises so I could ready myself for anything terrible that may happen.

Graphic by Chance Alexander

However, when I walked into my new room, I was happy to learn everything was better than I could have ever dreamed. My roommate is a wonderful person and I get along with her magically. Did I mention she lets me eat her mac and cheese and even shares her toilet paper? This is awesome!

Once I was over my living situation worries, there were other worries still on the horizon. I wondered whether or not my teachers would hate me, or if I would ever find anything in the dining hall that actually tasted as good as it looked. My main source of caution, however, was when people, even professors, said to watch out for wild animals, specifically a raccoon.

One night I began to head to my car and I stopped suddenly. About ten or so feet away I had spotted a raccoon sitting in the shadows. My first thought was, “how am I going to protect myself when it attacks me and tries to eat me?” Fortunately, once I took a step forward, it scattered away and my life had been spared.

I thought my worries had finally come to a halt, but little did I know there was another terror coming my way. Each day when I go to walk into the Goolsby building I always walk down the wrong hall.  I walk in, smile and make eye contact with people sitting in couches and walk down the hall like I know what I am doing. Once I look up at the room numbers, however, I realize that I have to turn around and go down the perpendicular hall to reach the correct room.

I have now personally deemed this turn-around process “The Walk of Shame” because I have to walk past the same people again. This has happened to me countless times in the first week. Diary, what should I do?

Now that I have survived my first week of college I feel like I can do anything. I try to walk around with my head held high and my schedule in hand. Yes, Diary, I still haven’t memorized my schedule, but I think by the end of the semester I may have it down.

Though some parts of my week have been unnerving I think I am going to like it here. The people are great, and I have had a lot of fun so far. Every time I turn around there is another activity to participate in and new friends with which to spend time.

Please cross your fingers for me Diary as I enter into the coming weeks at Young Harris, because after the last couple days, I do not even know what to expect.

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