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Grace Rollins Dining Hall works with Georgia Department of Labor

April 27, 2011

By Holly Meyer, Staff Writer

Sodexo food provider at Young Harris College is being honored for their involvement and success in a program hosted by the Georgia Department of Labor.

The program Georgia Works solicits those that have become unemployed, and are in search of new jobs. The program is available to anyone seeking employment through the Georgia Department of Labor. The person’s name is added to a list, along with resumes and work background and is provided to participating employers.

So far, Sodexo has taken eight individuals off of that list and added them to the workforce at YHC’s Grace Rollins Dining Hall.

When a person is hired through this program, the Georgia Department of Labor pays for the first six weeks of work. After the six week period, the employer will have the choice to keep that person in that job permanently.

“We have hired people from all walks of life,” said Teresa Hall, front of house supervisor, as she expressed concern over the recent statistics that have shown that the chances of a person finding a job after six months of unemployment go down to 25 percent.

Hall is pleased with the performance and effort they have demonstrated in the six weeks that they have worked in the dining hall, and they have all been offered permanent jobs, one in particular that has had no experience in the food industry and has proven to be a valuable employee.

“They have turned into some of our best employees,” Hall commented.

Even during the summer when most students have gone home, there are positions open for these employees, such as providing food services for the sports camps and activities that go on over summer break. If there are no positions available, unemployment compensation will be provided until the school year begins.

  1. Brian
    May 20, 2011 at 12:17 am

    It is also worth noting that Sodexo is one of the world’s most notorious violators of not only workers’ rights, but human rights. This subcontracting company has also come under fire for working conditions, suppressing wages, cheating workers out of wages, and the list goes on: http://cleanupsodexo.org/. Companies that hire in such a way as to not pay a living wage and to often not extend full-time benefits should be written about with a bit more scrutiny.

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