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Get him to the Greek

April 14, 2011

By Hailey Silvey, Staff Writer

Dane Maddux must have been inspired by Daisy Duke, wearing denim and cowboy boots. Photo by Kelsey Battle

Mon., March 28 through Thurs. March 31, marked Greek Week this year at Young Harris College. Greek Week occurs annually during the spring semester. Rouseline Emmanuel, director of of Campus Activities said, “Greek week has been going on forever.” Although Emmanuel wasn’t sure as to how long the week has occurred, it is safe to say that this week is greatly anticipated for many Greek members on campus.

Each on-campus fraternity and sorority comes up with an event to best represent their respective group during the week. The event is presented to the Inter-Greek Council, which Emmanuel is the advisor of. All events have to be approved by Emmanuel and IGC. Most of the fraternities and sororities hold the same event annually.

Patch Defoor-aka "Patch-alicious" was crowed Alpha Iota's 2010-2011 Miss Hot Legs. Photo by Kelsey Battle

This year is the first year of participation for sororities Gamma Psi and Phi Alpha Phi. Gamma Psi’s Greek Week premiere event was a trivia night hosted in the Susan B. Harris Chapel on Tuesday at 6:30 p.m.

Phi Alpha Phi hosted a karaoke night with desserts in the Myers Student Center. The event was Wednesday and occurred from 9 to 11 p.m.

Other events of the week included a tug of war, a kickball game, relay races, an egg toss and dodge ball.

Thursday night, an arm wrestling competition and the “Gallon Challenge” were hosted on the steps of Enotah Hall. For the arm wrestling tournament, the fraternities and sororities each had their own contest. The sororities could not use their gentlemen for the contest. A member from each organization had 20 minutes to drink as much of a gallon of milk as they could. Very few contestants made it through the milk-chugging contest without vomiting on the steps of the residence hall. At the end, only three organizations were in the final judging. Alpha Omega fraternity won the competition.

The week ended with the Miss Hot Legs competition, a pageant hosted by local sorority Alpha Iota. Sororities and fraternities entered in male members to compete in the pageant. Male competitors dressed as females and strutted their stuff in a beauty pageant. The contestants walked up onstage for host Clay Pursley, a YHC alumna, to read facts about them. Then the competitors showed off their talents, including singing, dancing and talking about themselves. The final round consisted of an interview portion of the pageant, where the contestants had to answer questions about themselves. At the end, contestants won for categories Best Dressed, Best Talent and Best Personality. Zeta Pi fraternity member Patch Defoor was crowned Miss Hot Legs.

After the Miss Hot Legs contest, Greek God and Goddess were crowned. Matt Wilmer from Alpha Omega and Gamma Psi was crowned Greek God, and Keri Brown from Gamma Psi and Alpha Xi was named Greek Goddess. The winners will receive a trophy and will get their names on a plaque in Emmanuel’s office.

Alpha Xi was named the winning fraternity and Phi Alpha Phi took home the title of Greek Week’s winning sorority.

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