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YHC reaches out to Japan

April 13, 2011

By Leila Shearon, Staff Writer

Around the world people have witnessed or read the news about the catastrophic earthquake and tsunami that occurred in Japan.

This disaster was caused by a 9.0 earthquake that occurred under the sea also causing an extremely disastrous tsunami of approximately 97 feet. The death toll is over 18,000 and the number of those injured and those in need too high to count.

After seeing photographs and videos of the turmoil from the 2011 Great Eastern Japan Earthquake Disaster, a former college employee living in Japan and a current student from Japan are wanting to help the people struggling from this disaster.

A former YHC Library employee, Serena Hromalik always dreamed of traveling to Japan to pursue a career in anime and manga cartoons. After attending North Georgia College she arrived in Japan and now teaches English at a Japanese high school. Her students and their families are in great need. Food, blankets, clothing and other essential items are limited among the community.

Hromalik has contacted YHC for help. She has asked for food that is able to be cooked with hot water, dried fruits and vegetables, broth cubes. She expressed a need for blankets, thermal socks and glow sticks.  Although her main focus is the necessities of life. She implies that the simple joy brought to the kids through cheap toys are also greatly appreciated and needed.

“I told my head English teacher that some people were sending food and other things, she burst into tears,” Hromalik stated. “It has been an emotional time.”

Hromalik also stated that the students are writing thank you letters and making origami cranes to symbolize peace and gratitude. Although the damage found in her area is not as severe as what is found in other area there is still a great need for help.

Hromalik also said that notes and letters written neatly in simple English would lift the spirits of those in her community and would be greatly appreciated along with the donations. All the help received is a blessing

“While everyone realizes and knows the north needs more aid, we are scared that no one was going to help us at all,” Hromalik stated.

Eri Pinto, a current English major at Young Harris who is originally from Japan, has aided in the charity fundraising bazaar for the Central Community Chest of Japan. She has been collecting items like clothing from the community and students YHC students.

“I just want to let the readers know it has been so good to see the YHC community work together to help Japan at such a sad time,” said Pinto. “Keep it up, thank you so much to each person.”


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