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Making the last push of semester

April 6, 2011

By Lauren Robinson, Opinions Editor

Photo by Karen Rodriguez

As final exams grow closer with each passing day, we grow closer to summer break, and for some, graduation. The atmosphere on campus reeks of the aftermath of spring break. Students returned to campus with a look of exhaustion plastered on their faces. Professors are placing pressure on everyone and really kicking this ship into high gear.

Thankfully, the winter weather is packing up and moving along. Hopefully, this will help bring some life back to the campus. Spring is moving in, and the campus outdoor recreation is starting to pick up. The beautiful flowers and trees are blooming.

Students are lying on the lawn, playing Frisbee, catch, studying in hammocks and soaking up some sun. This will definitely aid in repairing the attitudes and outlook around campus as things become a little more stressful.

Now that the school year is coming to a close, keep in mind that this is a place in the semester where students, faculty and staff alike are pressed for time. Nevertheless, it is pertinent that we, as students, remain diligent about finishing the best way we know how.

The last stretch is the notorious area of the race where the athlete becomes tired and will reason with him- or herself to either slow down and quit, or really challenge him- or herself to sprint towards the finish line.

Additionally, this is the place where we, as students, need to really push and try as hard as we can. This is what we have been working toward all school year. Essentially, this is the part of the race that counts the most. I dare you to do better than you have done previously. My mom never fails to mention a quote by a great man, you never started a race unless you finish it.
This post copyedited on April 18, 2011.

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