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Franklin: Reading is like “vitamins for the soul”

April 1, 2011

By Holly Meyer, Staff Writer

English professor Louisa Franklin reads from one of many different texts during her Last Lecture, given in Wilson Lecture Hall on Tuesday. Photo by Nadia Dean ones

Louisa Franklin, English professor and director for the Academic Success center at Young Harris College, spoke at Student Government Association’s Last Lecture last Tuesday night.

Franklin’s lecture entitled “Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner” was held in Wilson Lecture Hall and focused on the importance of reading.

Among the audience were many of Franklin’s students as well as other interested students.

Franklin’s lecture began with childhood memories of her favorite books, and the moment she realized how much she enjoyed and admired literature.

Franklin described the fascination she experienced being able to build images of the places and people depicted in stories with her own imagination.

“Franklin’s passion for reading was clear,” says Jessica Keaton, senior English major from the city of Young Harris.“Ms. Franklin obviously loves books.”

She expressed the value and importance that books hold for children, adults and how important she believes it is to instill that value in children at a young age.

Franklin went on to say that, “books are the vitamins for our souls.”

Franklin’s concern leans not only towards young people, but adults as well who are not participating in active reading. She finds this is an issue, because reading is a daily skill.

In a study she found that 80 percent of adults did not purchase a single book last year, which worried her immensely, leading her to believe that professors today are failing to express the importance of reading skills in societies.

Throughout the night, students seemed to thoroughly enjoy Franklin’s presentation.

Senior English major Eri Pinto, from Gwinnett, said she was moved by Franklin’s lecture.“I was very touched, and it definitely increased my admiration for Ms. Franklin,” Pinto said.

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