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Mayor speaks to SGA

March 30, 2011

By Carmen Brown, Staff Writer

In this week’s Student Government Association meeting, SGA members met with Andrea Gibby, mayor of the city of Young Harris.

Both Gibby and SGA took this opportunity to voice opinions for campus and community improvements. The remainder of the meeting consisted of the Senior Dinner with Young Harris College President Cathy Cox.

Gibby spoke about the changes the city of Young Harris government is trying to make and how students can get involved.

According to Gibby, the community of Young Harris is working on multiple improvements to better the campus, with one issue being the water system; however, the process and the paper work alone is a three year process.

Another issue brought up at the SGA meeting was ways to improve the safety of students, especially at the crosswalks and traffic lights.

YHC is also wanting to improve some of the roads on campus and get with City Hall this coming summer to deal with the issue.

Gibby went on to say that she encourages students to attend the public meetings in order to add their own comments on issues on campus. The next public meetings will be held in May and in August.

In other news, all seniors have been invited to attend a dinner with Cox on April 1.Seniors will receive invitations under their doors in white envelopes, and if anyone does not receive an invitation contact the President’s Office .

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