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Tell-Me-Tuesdays uses feedback

March 25, 2011

By Carmen Brown, Staff Writer

On Tuesdays many students may have noticed students riding through campus on one of the golf carts with a Student Government Association, SGA representative. However, it still seems that many students do not understand exactly why Tell-Me-Tuesdays are available.

On Tell-Me-Tuesday, or TMT a, SGA member rides on the police cart with a police officer to pick up students and take them to and from class, the dining hall or a residence hall, while asking them one specific question that the committee had picked that week.

Around 30 students get picked up within a two hour window and the SGA members switch every 30 minutes. The rides are available on the fourth Tuesday of every month from 12:00 p.m to 2:00p.m.

The idea for Tell-Me-Tuesday came into play when SGA members attended the National Association for Campus Activities, NACA last fall and the Student Development Committee took things from there.

A great deal of feed-back and improvement was made because of this program, such as the formation of the Intramural Committee on campus. The committee was formed so that students can have more intramural activities on campus.

According to complaints from students to SGA members, students have a problem with the food in the cafeteria. Because of this there was a food committee formed which meets biweekly with Sodexo to improve on issues with the cafeteria food.

TMT will continue through this semester and next year as well. The upcoming dates for the rest of this Spring semester is April 26.

For those who are unable to voice their opinion on TMT’s or for those who wishing to submit suggestions  can e-mail SGA at sga@yhc.edu, or attend the meetings at 5:30 p/m/on Wednesdays in the Rollins Dining Hall.


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