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SPATs go black and white at formal

March 4, 2011

By Karen Rodriguez, Staff Writer

Students gathered in the old gym for SPAT's annual Black and White Affair, where students danced the night away. Photo by Karen Rodriguez

The Black and White Affair dance held this past Saturday, Feb. 26 by SPAT club, a service organization here on campus, was a success. The dance began at 9 p.m., however, since it is never a bad idea to be fashionably late, most people did not begin to arrive until 10 p.m.

Girls showed off their beautiful white, black and red dresses, while guys cleaned up very nicely in dress pants and multicolored dress shirts.

The SPAT guys, especially, could be easily recognized by their all black attire and their red ties.

As soon as students began to arrive, they hit the dance floor and showed off their best dance moves.

These ladies showed off their black and white for the SPAT formal. Photo by Karen Rodriguez

The music varied in styles however, hip hop was dominant. With old favorites such as “Snap Yo Fingers” by Lil John and “Hot in Herre” by Nelly, students were even more drawn to the dance floor.

While the deejay did have his low and high points, some students enjoyed the wide variety of music selections, while others thought some music was too slow and outdated.

David Agori-Iwe, a junior biology major from Marietta said, “I think the music was different from that of most dances.  I really liked the variety.”

When students were not busy on the dance floor, they were grabbing snacks from the refreshments table in the back, which consisted of soft drinks, a multitude of chips and cookies.

People seemed to really enjoy themselves, while they danced the night away with friends and their significant others.

It was a pretty good turnout, between 50 and 100 people, considering it was the weekend and most people are off campus.

Lacey Larrimore, a freshman from Covington said, “I really enjoyed myself, I think it’s nice to have a dance on the weekend now and then, because sometimes the weekends are kind of boring around here.”

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