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BCM cooks up chili

March 4, 2011

By Christelle Vereb, Staff Writer

Students gathered in Myers Student Center to enjoy BCM's chili dinner. Photo by Christelle Vereb

On Thursday, Feb. 24, the Baptist Collegiate Ministries met in the Myers Student Center to listen to a special speaker, join in fellowship and eat some homemade chili with cornbread and brownies on the side.

Von Rogers an alumnus of YHC is the minister of BCM full-time at North Georgia College & State University, and part-time BCM minister at YHC. Rogers invited Josh Bennett to speak to students.

Bennett is an associate pastor and youth minister at Macedonia Baptist Church of Hiawassee.

“We must live to serve others, and servant hood evangelism will be the way that we bring people to Christ” Bennett said.

The message was based off of 1 Corinthians 9:19. The message encouraged the audience to serve others like Christ would want them and to become more Christ-like.  By serving others, people who are not believers may see the servant hood. Through that, nonbelievers in Christ may become believers as well.

Members from Bennett’s church provided a meal of chili and corn bread along with brownies for desert for the event.

Students helped themselves to plenty of chili, brownies and refreshments. Photo by Christelle Vereb

Junior music major Tara Shiver was among the students in attendance.

“This chili is stellar,” said Shiver as she sat around socializing with two of her friends. Shiver, a native of Covington, is an active member of BCM.

Along with Shiver, there were 15 students and two faculty members in attendance.

Rogers also introduced intern Katie Cargle, a resident of Dahlonega.Cargle is spending her internship working on campus ministries, Bible studies, discipleship and mission trips.

“BCM is a great time of fellowship and worship among believers on campus. It’s feeing the body and the soul,” Cargle said

After the message was delivered, worship was led by Daniel Willis a student of YHC, and an ending prayer was said by Amanda Noonan, a junior English major.

BCM meets every Thursday at 6 p.m. in the Applebee East lobby.Upcoming events hosted by BCM include Dr. Xianzhi Song, assistant professor of chemistry speaking, and BCM will also be feeding hikers on the Appalachian Trail on March 26.

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