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SGA discusses yearbooks, Last Lecture

March 3, 2011

By Carmen Brown, Staff Writer

In this week’s meeting the Student Government Association the SGA discussed the following activities and events: yearbook, last lecture, recycling and teacher/faculty of the year.

For this year’s yearbook students may have the option to have either a regular hardback copy  or a digital copy of the yearbook. The digital copy will be available online and it is   to be announced if a disc will given with that as well. Other details of the online version are unknown as of now. The hardback copy is the general format of what students would usually expect in a yearbook.

According to the SGA, it would help if students would give their feedback and give their opinion   on which version they would prefer.

Also Last Lecture, which is when a teacher or faculty member gives a lecture as if it were their last will return after spring break. Louisa Franklin, director of the Academic Success Center Director will be giving the next lecture. ,

In further news, every year a ballot box is placed the cafeteria for students  to vote for the best teacher. This year there will be one for best teacher and best faculty member.  The ballot box will go up in the dining hall at some point after spring break. The winner of the election will receive a plaque to commemorate their contribution to YHC.

Last semester SGA began a temporary recycling pick up by paying organizations to pick up the recycled trash until the school could find a more permanent means of taking care of recycling. This is still going on. if Any student organizations interested in taking on this task should contact SGA for further information and instructions.

SGA meets every week in the Rollins dining hall at 5:30 p.m. on Wednesdays. It is a public meeting and everyone is welcomed to join.


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