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YHC performs with Robert Sheldon

March 2, 2011

By Dillon Sutherland, Staff Writer

YHC's Wind Ensemble warms up before their performance last Tuesday. Photo by Nadia Dean

This past Tuesday, the Young Harris College Wind Ensemble performed with renowned composer Robert Sheldon at the Glenn Auditorium.  Sheldon, internationally known for his work, came to guest compose, playing many of his own pieces, and provided insight to YHC’s students.

Sheldon is the recipient of a plethora of awards.  Some of the awards include the Volkwein Award, International Outstanding Bandmaster Award and the American Society of Composers.  Sheldon has also been given the American Society of Composers, Authors and Publisher’s Standards Award 24 times.

Along with his many awards and recognition, Sheldon has taught almost three decades in Florida and Illinois public schools as well as the University of Florida, Florida State University, Illinois Central College and Bradley University.

“This was our first time having [Robert Sheldon] come to campus,” said Mary Land, senior instructor of music and director of bands. “We wanted him, because he is an expert in the field. He came and spent the day with our students and showed them how he created his music.  It was very insightful.”

With these credentials, many students and locals came to see him.  All in attendance seemed to enjoy themselves and were impressed by the show.

“It was fantastic,” said a resident from Hayesville. “It was a good performance.  I am amazed by all the talent in this small town.  Robert Sheldon’s music was great.”

Sheldon brought much life to the show causing everyone to laugh.  The YHC Wind Ensemble offered him gifts to express gratitude for his time which he humbly accepted.  One of the gifts was a giant origami crane brought out as Sheldon explained how that was his inspiration for one of his songs.

The performance featured many of Sheldon’s own pieces that the YHC Wind Ensemble played.  Some of his works showcased were Visions of Flight, In the Center Ring and One Thousand Cranes.

The students seemed to like Sheldon, his work, and also the fact that he worked with them.

“[Sheldon] is amazing.  It was really great having him work with us.  He’s really inspiring,” said Jeff Stewart, a freshman music education major from the city of Young Harris.

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