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Campus Gate to showcase “Foundation to Fruition”

March 1, 2011

By Lauren Robinson, Opinions Editor

Imagine holding something that you can feel. Something that takes you back to your grandfather’s workshop: A motor; a propeller; a wrench; a screwdriver; a piece of carved wood that your hands seem to disappear within. These objects allow you to engage your brain and hands when looking at the artwork.

The Campus Gate Art Gallery will exhibit various sculptures from artist, Tom Haney. The sculptures are pieces featured from his collection, Foundation to Fruition. Haney incorporates different tangible objects that give the artwork a kinesthetic feeling, allowing the viewer to touch and interact with the artwork.

Tom Haney has been showcasing his artwork full-time since 2000. As a well-qualified artist, he has experience in the commercial and film businesses respectively. He has worked on numerous movie sets creating props for movies as well as commercials that air on television and in theaters.

The collection features some mechanical pieces as well as some static pieces. A few of his older pieces have a Southern influence that is reflected throughout the pieces. Time and effort is no stranger to Haney; as it can take up to a week to complete one particular piece.

As a child, Haney was very inquisitive and quite fond of disassembling things and then assembling them. He has a knack for creating things that remind his viewer of old traditions and memories. Haney uses old tools to bring a nostalgic presence to the artwork and the viewer and an excellent way of incorporating a fresh twist in everything that his hands create.

If you are looking to experience something new and something old all at once, make time to visit the Campus Gate Art Gallery. It can be a time of exploration, or for some a time to re-familiarize themselves with things that have been a long-lost pastime. Foundation to Fruition will be on display starting March 3rd until April 1st.

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