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Math majors anticipate approval from PSC

February 28, 2011

By Erin Grable, News Editor

Last week, Young Harris College received the approval from the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools or SACS. This will take the college from nine baccalaureate programs to a total of 13 programs and three post-baccalaureate certification programs.

According to Joe Anderson the Chair of the Math Department, YHC already has a four-year mathematics program but is anticipating approval from the Georgia Professional Standards Commission, PSC for the post-math education certification program.

“With the post-major students will be able to come back after four years at YHC for an additional year and obtain an education certificate for teaching,” said Anderson. “After completing the Bachelor of Science in mathematics, students can come back for an additional year and obtain a certification in mathematics education.”

“My goal is to have the faculty at big universities like the University of Georgia and Georgia Tech to want their children to go to their school for their Masters and Ph.D., but come to Young Harris for their undergrad.”

Six to seven YHC students on campus are interested in being math majors and hopefully in the next few years there will be as many as 20 to 30.

“I think the additional math programs are a great thing. Now for those looking to pursue a major or minor in math will be able to,” said Mitch Williams, a math major from Covington. “It will also give those who intend to major in math a chance to stay here for four years.”

Currently, there are three full-time faculty in the math department, one part-time and two adjunct professors; but over the next two years the college is working to hire two new full-time assistant professors.

“We will help you get wherever you want to go, whether it is continuing to graduate school, teaching or starting a non-teaching career,” said Anderson.

According to Anderson with the approval of the mathematics education certification program it will not only be beneficial to students but to the local community as well, because we will be producing teachers that can help with teacher shortages.

Anderson went on to say that in the future the math department will expand to offer tutoring programs for local school systems. This will provide future teachers with exposure to working with middle and high school students.

At this time YHC does not have any programs in the area mainly because the program is new, but students will have the ability to get out in the community.

“We want to challenge students, but let them know that math is accessible, said Anderson. “You can do this, and we are here to help you. It is going to take a lot of work, and it is going to be hard; but we are going to have great undergrad students who can go anywhere.”

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