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Torres to take studies abroad

February 27, 2011

By Christelle Vereb, Staff Writer

In five years,Torres hopes to be getting her master's degree in international affairs. Photo by Karen Rodriguez

Originally from Guadalajara, Jalisco Mexico, Miriam Torres currently lives in Roswell. Torres is a junior transfer student from Southern Catholic College and media communication major. This diverse background has only led Torres to set high goals for herself, including majoring in either psychology or communication and learning other languages.

“I chose Young Harris because of the beautiful campus, campus wide clubs and because the class sizes are not that big. So, this gives me an opportunity to get to know my classmates and the professors more,” Torres said.

As of now Torres is a media communication major, but she anticipates a psychology department here at YHC.

“I am a media communication major, but if they open a psychology department, I would double major in psychology and communications,” said Torres.

In order to work through school and obstacles she has faced in life, Torres draws her inspiration from God and her Mom.

“God is my inspiration. My Catholic faith is very important to me. I love God above everything and everyone. He is truly amazing to me. My mom would have to be a second inspiration,” said Torres. “We have been through a lot, and she has shown me a strength that hardly anyone else I know could ever top. I want to make her proud. Also being able to breathe and wake up healthy every morning is a very big blessing. I get inspiration from the little things in life.”

Torres has taken the inspiration she receives from her faith and mom and has put it into school, as well as exploring the world around her.

When free from school Torres loves to take photographs, travel, write poems, songs and short stories. Torres enjoys playing the guitar and loves spending time with her friends. She also likes to learn new languages.

“I love photography, I have a professional camera and I have photographed a series of events. However, I especially love photographing landscapes and children. I also play the guitar and write songs, poems and short stories. I love hanging out with my friends. I also love languages. Right now, I speak three fluently— Spanish, English and French.”

While Torres is currently fluent in three languages, she also wants to expand her knowledge by going to different countries to learn more languages.

With her education Torres has set goals for herself in where she wants to be in the future.

“Five years from now, I hope to be in another country getting my master’s in international affairs or public relations. I love traveling, so I want to study in another country. I don’t know which one yet though. 10 years from now, I hope to have already settled down, with a family and a place of my own, and I hope to have traveled to at least half of the places I want to travel to.”

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