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Men’s fashion mirrors country club lifestyle

February 26, 2011

By Stephanie Sexton, Staff Writer

Jeremiah Gulley, Brand Driver and Lanne Peck are among the rising trend of young men dressing for success on a daily basis. Photo by Ashton Jones

The best way to describe what some of the men on campus have been sporting includes the words country club. Men out at the country club sport their golf gear out on the course and sports coats inside the club.

The male students, or the ‘Young Harris Country Club members’ who are dressing this way, have been wearing things such as sweater vests, button down shirts, polo’s, plaid shorts,  jeans without discoloration or holes, sports coats, Sperry’s, dress shoes and even some pastel colored shorts and pants.

The faculty has certainly noticed this change, and have nothing but positive things to say about it. Most professors interviewed mentioned what a professional look it gives the gentlemen and the college It allows professors to take the guys more seriously in class as students. Several professors also mentioned that it is good practice for the young men to get themselves ready for the real world.

“I don’t like wearing ties, I don’t like wearing jackets, but I do it to remind myself that I am at work,” said Jamie Watson, assistant professor of philosophy, when recalling something the president of his undergraduate college had said.

It is a great way to look at dressing cleanly, do it to remind yourself to be professional.

Of course the students themselves may not really look at it that way. Maybe they have always dressed nicely.

“I dress nice because it was how I was raised; my mom always taught me to present myself well. However, it gives a good first impression before any verbal communication can occur,” said Dane Knudsen, a sophomore biology major from Savannah.

Whatever their motive, the members of the ‘Young Harris Country Club’ have definitely added a touch of class to campus; and hopefully the trend will continue to catch on.

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