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Lappé focuses on planet, resources

February 23, 2011

By Hailey Silvey, Staff Writer

Frances Lappé gave a presentation in the Susan B. Harris chapel, where she stressed the importance of sustainability efforts. Photo by Nadia Dean

Last Tuesday, Feb. 8, Frances Lappé, an acclaimed author of 17 books visited Young Harris College. Lappé gave a lecture in the Susan B. Harris Chapel at 7:00 p.m. The lecture was entitled, “Life on a Small Planet with Frances Moore Lappé”. The lecture was presented by the YHC Division of Math and Science and the Sustainability Committee.

The title of the lecture was a play off the title of Lappé’s first book, Diet for a Small Planet. This year is the 40th anniversary of Diet for a Small Planet, which published when Lappé was 27. The focus of the lecture was awareness and practical solutions for sustainability.

Lappé began her lecture by saying “it is too late and things are far too bad.” Lappé considers this the theme song of her life. Lappé then asked the audience if they were concerned about the Earth and if they worried about their future on the planet. This led Lappé into her discussion about how people can help the planet easily.

Lappé’s first question about life was “why hunger in a world of plenty?” Lappé said that she worries about humans shrinking the abundance that the Earth has to offer. The example she gave was “it takes 16 pounds of grains to make one pound of wheat. That’s very wasteful.” She also mentioned the statistic that 40 percent of the food in the United States goes to waste.

Lappé said that she also realizes that nobody in the world would create the world by themselves that we are creating as a group.

Lappé said, “no one person on this Earth wakes up in the morning and says I want to make sure a child dies of hunger today.”

Lappé said that people know how to solve the problems that the world faces, but they are too selfish to do so.

Though Lappé was brought here to talk about sustainability, she seemed far more concerned with the effects of people not being concerned with sustainability. The point of her lecture was that if everyone all were to make a small effort, the world would become a better place for all.

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