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SGA discusses outdoor trips, Rollins kitchen access

February 10, 2011

By Carmen Brown, Staff Writer

In today’s weekly meeting Student Government Association talked about  outdoor education trips, upcoming Tell-Me-Tuesday dates, the problem with the sidewalk and kitchen use for everyone.

Danae C. Turchyn, instructor of outdoor leadership and assistant director of the Outdoor Leadership Center spoke to SGA about outdoor education trips. She came for feedback on how the general population of students felt about having a trip calendar for outdoor excursions, which would have a list of scheduled trips for anyone wanting to go.

This list would include things like ski trips and back-packing trips. Up until this year, it has been mostly faculty and staff leading these trips, with students helping them guide the others along. In the future, the Outdoor Leadership Department hopes that students will lead the trips.

They are planning two trips this semester. Closer to April, one will be a back-packing trip and the other will be a kayaking trip. Flyers will be post with more information as the dates approach.

The outdoor leadership department is always looking for more feedback on what type of stuff trips students would like to take. These will be both day trips and overnight trips.

“If there’s something you really want to. Do tell me, ‘cause I’d much rather plan something you like than not,” said Turchyn.

Tell-Me-Tuesday is when an SGA representative will come around on a golf cart and take students from the cafeteria to an academic building or vice versa. Tell-Me-Tuesday started last semester and will continue this semester. Students should look for the gold cart on February 22, March 22 and April 26.

As some students have began to notice, there is a muddy area in between the parking lot in between Enotah and Manget Halls. SGA has created a proposal, which will be given to administration soon. SGA is hoping to build a pathway either from concrete or a permeable mesh material which will allow water to saturate the earth and not displace the pathway during wet weather.

By creating a pathway, it would help prevent injuries in this area when there is ice and rain. Also, there will be less mud being tracked into the residence halls.

Last week some students were appointed into and voted unanimously into SGA. Bekah Herum, a freshman undecided major from West Palm Beach, Fla., was already a member of SGA and got appointed to the position of SGA Treasurer. Zach Lathan, a senior business and public policy major from Toccoa, and Karissa Cross, a freshman biology major from Hiawassee,  have joined the Student Development Committee. Brittany Starrett joined the Sustainabillity Committee.

SGA is also trying to let the Rollins kitchen, which is located in the Rollins Hall common room, to remain open to all students during visitation hours. Currently, after visitation hours end and on weekends, the Rollins common room is locked electronically. The only way a student can gain access to the kitchen in the common room is to either be a Rollins resident or to ask a Rollins resident to unlock the common room for them.  The kitchen in Rollins Hall is one of two kitchens located in residence halls.  Rollins is an all female residence hall. The other kitchen is located in Appleby West, with that dorm being all male. Each kitchen contains a stove and a sink area.

SGA meetings are held weekly in Robinson Dining Hall at 5:30 p.m. on Wednesdays.

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  1. Steve Davenport
    February 11, 2011 at 9:03 am

    Regarding outdoor excursions…sounds to me like you’re suggesting something like Quantrek, YHC’s outdoor club of years past. We planned and led various excursions, rafting, backpacking, caving, etc. under the supervision of a faculty supervisor. I don’t know what led to the demise of Quantrek other than Mr. Robert Richardson’s (aka Papa Rich) untimely passing, but from the perspective of a not so old YHC alum, it would be nice to see it return. Does it strike anyone else as odd that YHC, given its setting in the north Georgia mountains, does not have an outdoor club?

    Steve Davenport, YHC’85

    • Carmen
      February 19, 2011 at 4:03 pm

      No they just recently started Outdoor Education as a major so they are just now getting back into the trips and things like they use to have. I am not sure what made them stop, but I am new here and I am glad they are starting it back up. And thanks for the comment I am glad that you are enjoying the article(s).

  2. economy
    February 23, 2011 at 3:12 pm

    great job!

    • Carmen
      February 23, 2011 at 10:53 pm

      Thank you

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