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YHC plans events for 125th anniversary

January 25, 2011

By Ali Neese, Staff Writer

Throughout campus, Young Harris College is boasting its 125th anniversary. Events have been planned, signs are up and the college is buzzing with excitement as it remembers its rich past and looks toward its bright future.

What many do not realize is that YHC has overcome many obstacles in order to get to the ripe, old age that it is today. According to Debra March, YHC “should never have worked.”

She said that there were no roads when the school was built. Back then, in order to reach the school, students had to ride a train to Murphy, and then take a horse and wagon to get to the campus.

March stressed that many schools do not survive as long as YHC has and that 125 years of being private, church-affiliated is a big deal for any school.

To celebrate this milestone in the life of the college, special events are taking place throughout the year, such as graduation and homecoming, but there are also events going on this week to get students involved. Beginning Wednesday evening, there will be a special chapel service featuring Dr. John Kay of the class of 1956 as the speaker. Another YHC alumnus, Rosemary Royston, will be delivering the “This I Believe” portion of chapel. On Thursday there will be a on-campus scavenger hunt hosted by SGA, in order to educate students about the history of YHC. Friday night there will be a decade’s dance in the old gym to wrap up the week’s festivities.

March said, “we wanted an opportunity for the students to celebrate the school, because you guys are the college.”

March hopes that students enjoy the events that she and other students have helped to organize.

Students and faculty alike are excited about this milestone.

Emalyn Cork, a biology major from Marietta, is looking forward to the anniversary because “it shows that not only has Young Harris lasted this many years and that it’s impacted so many people, but that it’s progressing at the same time.”

Kelli Fell, admission specialist for the YHC, said that she is “excited about participating in the events celebrating our 125th anniversary.”

Fell believes that it will be interesting to learn about our past and to see how far we’ve come.

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