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Weather delays slow Moodle repair

January 24, 2011

By Carmen Brown, Staff Writer

Whether you came back to campus or stayed at home, there were probably two things you experienced during the first week of school- tons of snow and problems with Moodle. Students could log on to Moodle, but students could not look at their courses or student information.

“I thought that they changed it around and I just couldn’t figure it out, until I saw my friends were having problems with it too,” said senior biology major Erena Hinsta from Stone Mountain.

After campus activities were cancelled on both Monday and Tuesday, this problem was brought to the attention of Ken Faneuff, vice president of Campus Technology on Wednesday.

Upon reviewing Moodle, Faneuff realized that students were not only unable to view their courses and student information but also the course and student information would not upload to Moodle.

With the problem identified, Faneuff contacted the vendor to resolve the issue. However, this proved to be easier said than done, since representatives from the vendor were not able to come into work due to the weather conditions.

Because of weather conflicts, it was not until that Saturday that Faneuff was able to work with the vendor to resolve the problems with Moodle.

In the future Faneuff said, “I am going to have a conference call with the vendor, and they will go through ways to prevent this from happening again and [ways] to fix it quicker if it does arise later on.”

Last semester Moodle was launched as a soft launch, which meant the program was for teachers who wanted to use it for their classes however they saw fit.

Despite having problems with Moodle, Faneuff did feel positive about the feedback, since it was not required for professors to use Moodle.

“From my point of view it[Moodle] went better than we anticipated,” Faneuff said in regards to Moodle’s launch and reception from YHC students and faculty.

YHC’s technology team will continue managing Moodle for YHC professors and students.


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