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YHC experiences winter weather

January 11, 2011


A pristine blanket of snow covered YHC’s campus on Monday morning and provided the backdrop for the snow day. Photo by Kathleen Layton

By Kathleen Layton, Editor-in-Chief

Shortly after midnight, snow began falling across campus at Young Harris College. The late-night snowfall initially resulted in a 10 a.m. delay of campus activities on Monday for Young Harris College, but as conditions worsened across the South and in the city of Young Harris, the delay was exchanged for a cancellation of classes and activities at YHC on Monday.

After intermittent sleet and snow throughout the day on Monday and reports for ice, a cancellation of classes and activities for Tuesday was announced on Monday night.

Reports showed a range from four to nine inches of snowfall in north Georgia.

With classes and campus activities cancelled, YHC students did not let the freezing temperatures discourage them from enjoying the snow days.  With multiple layers of clothing in tow, students gathered in the courtyard in front of Hillgrove Residence Hall to make the most of the snow.

Lauren Robinson, a freshman biology major from Marietta said, “it was fun to play in the snow and not have to go straight back into classes. My friends and I had a snowball fight and took pictures in the snow.”

From snowball fights to making snow men and snow angels, YHC students found ways to capitalize on the experience.

Although YHC students were able to enjoy the snowfall, a significant portion of the student body has been unable to leave their homes to return to campus.

“My flight was at 7:45 a.m., but if I had taken a later flight time [back to YHC] then my flight would have been cancelled, and I would’ve been stuck,” said Lateefah Dooling, a freshman musical theatre major from Fort Lauderdale who travels between YHC and Fort Lauderdale by plane.

While Dooling was fortunate to arrive to campus when she did, many other students have not been as lucky. Johanna Gil-Arroyo, an English major from Athens is one YHC student who has been unable to come back to campus until the weather improves.

Gil-Arroyo said through a phone interview that she’s “not allowed to leave home until the roads are cleared.”

Many YHC students are facing this same dilemma, and until weather conditions improve YHC administration has urged students to remain where they are until it is safe to travel.

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