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Max Payne is painful

December 2, 2010

By Dillon Sutherland, Staff Writer

"If you're seeking something to satisfy some kind of boredom...I suppose you can watch this; just know that you've been warned"

Max Payne is most commonly knows as a popular video game series. Though recently,it was made into a movie, which is probably recognized by most people. Most people who like both video games and movies alike know that movies based on video games are usually absolutely awful. It is safe to say that Max Payne is a perfect example of this. This movie is atrocious in almost every aspect.

The film stars Mark Wahlberg as Max Payne, a cop who’s wife and child were killed and as a resutl Payne sets out to find their killers and avenge their deaths. It also stars Mila Kunas as Mona Sax, a vigilante who helps Payne along his way of finding the culprits. The first question one may ask is how it compares to the video game. The only similarities between the two are character and location names, the basic plot of his wife and child being killed and him seeking revenge and that it’s snowing outside. Those are about the only correlations between the movie and the game. The plot made up for the movie is so ridiculous and detached from the original work that it almost hurts.

In the film, there’s a drug that the characters take. As a result they begin to hallucinate and see demons flying around and see the sky on fire. Just about every thing in the movie is changed from the game, and definitely for the worse. It lacks any sort of motive that compels the story forward and has plently of prediactable parts to it.

There is also virtually no real music present to help set the mood for the movie. There were low tones within the movie, but no true music. The only time fitting music is really audible and enjoyed is in the final scene, and as you watch that, you might not even realize how you witnessed a lackluster action flick with no great scores to add to the atmosphere of any scene.

The only minor good thing about the film is the direction. There were some cool shots and angles, particularly the slow motion ones. Max Payne, the video game, was the first real game to utilize the ability to slow time down as you fight. It’s nice to see the movie stay true to it’s roots for a few scenes, but it certainly doesn’t save this appalling movie.

Overall, if you want to experience anything Max Payne related, you should just play the game.  This movie is terrible and lacks any type of appeal.  If you are seeking a good action movie, frankly, that’s impossible. If you’re seeking something to satisfy some kind of boredom when there seems nothing else to do, I suppose you could watch this; just know you’ve been warned. I give this movie an F.

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