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España is calling YHC

November 28, 2010

Photo by Skye Butler

By Kathleen Layton, Editor-in-Chief

While there are numerous outlets for students to become ‘educated, inspired and empowered,’ one opportunity that Young Harris College is severely lacking is the opportunity for students to study abroad. A study abroad program would not only fortify the foreign language department, but it would also bolster the résumés of its students.

Currently, the foreign language department does not have a major or minor in place for Spanish or French; however, the paperwork has been submitted for foreign language minors. Once the minor is approved, the department can work towards preparing the major for approval. Even with approval still pending on the minors, the foreign language department has made arrangements with the University of Barcelona to allow YHC students to spend a few weeks abroad studying at the international university.

The University of Barcelona typically only makes arrangements with Ivy League universities such as Princeton or Harvard. But, through some miracle, YHC was able to secure plans for YHC students to study abroad at this internationally-known university.

Along with being an amazing opportunity for YHC students to travel to Europe, this opportunity would also give YHC students a chance to study in an internationally recognized university that most small schools in Georgia can’t duplicate. This would further distinguish YHC among other schools in the south and potentially increase enrollment numbers for the college.

Yet, as amazing as this opportunity is, the memorandum for the program is currently still being reviewed by YHC lawyers. But, hopefully, this program will push past legal concerns and gain approval. If the program was rejected, this would be a valuable loss not only to the foreign language department but also to YHC in general.

As a Spanish minor, I not only want to study abroad, but I need to as well. Through a study abroad program YHC students could be immersed in a foreign language and culture. Through complete immersion students can learn the inner workings of a foreign language, something that would be a valuable tool in today’s society. So, what better way could a student learn a language than through studying abroad?

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